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Jill Heneghan



Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1995

Industry: Healthcare

Jill Heneghan had just given birth to her third child when the CFO position at MTM was posted. “I immediately doubted my capacity to take on a position like this with three young children, so I supported the search and was confident in my abilities to continue in my current and comfortable vice president-level position,” she said.

A year later, and still with no CFO at the healthcare company, MTM’s CEO approached Heneghan about the role. Heneghan doubted herself again, thinking she didn’t check enough of the boxes for the role. The CEO said the cultural fit of the leader in that position was more important than experience.

“I took a chance, accepted the position, limited my priorities to my family and MTM, and focused on the goals of the organization,” Heneghan said. “I started my day earlier to get a head start and delegated meaningful work to my team so I could focus on strategy. Since accepting the role more than four years ago, I have had a fourth child and gained the experience that was required of the role initially — taking on the risk and overcoming my self-doubts.”

Heneghan is a CPA with a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Missouri Columbia. She worked for KPMG after graduating, before holding various finance roles at Charter Communications for more than a decade. At Charter Communications, she quickly moved through the organization, gaining experience in financial reporting, internal audit, accounting and corporate finance functions.

Heneghan joined MTM in 2014 as controller for the company’s transit division, and within four years she rose to become CFO. The business has grown from a $300 million enterprise to a $1 billion company since Heneghan joined the team, and MTM expects to reach $2 billion in revenue by 2025.

“Throughout the coming years of planned explosive growth, MTM is tasking our leaders — including Jill as CFO — to remain focused on what matters most: our clients and their members,” the company said. “This includes providing the best technology available in the NEMT industry by advancing the self-service capabilities we offer to members and their caregivers. Additionally, we are more focused than ever on environmental, sustainability and governance goals and plan to move the industry forward with more sustainable transportation solutions.”

Before Heneghan joined MTM, the finance team was small and not managed as a unit, the company said. Heneghan grew the team to take on a variety of functions and roles, bringing in experts to manage all areas of MTM’s finances. Under Heneghan’s guidance, the finance team led MTM’s 2022 acquisition of Veyo, the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) industry’s third-largest player. Five banks were part of the transaction, which required teamwork, collaboration and coordination, the company said.

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Did you know?

Jill isn’t just a Titan at MTM, she s a Titan at home, too! She is the proud mom of four young kids, managing to balance the role of CFO and involved mom day in and day out.


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