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Jay Murchison

Jay Murchison

President & CEO


Location: Chesterfield, MO

Founded: 2012

Industry: Business Services/Staffing

Jay Murchison’s leadership philosophy is to aim for balance. In his role as president and CEO of staffing firm Concero, Murchison walks a fine line between encouraging competition and building cohesion within his team at the company.

“As a modern leader, I think it’s important to cultivate a balance among your workforce between healthy competition and spirited collaboration,” he said. “That way, each individual team member is constantly working to up their game while the company moves toward its overarching goal. It’s not easy to accomplish, but I think we’ve done an admirable job at Concero.”

Concero is a staffing and recruitment firm that connects people with a network of employers looking for talent and skills. The company uses its connections and insight to help people find the job they want and get ahead in life.

“Concero is all about the feeling of connection between people, whether they be clients, candidates or co-workers,” Murchison said. “It sounds simplistic, but tapping into the network of differing skill sets, backgrounds and perspectives that make up our team can make even the most complex problems seem simpler in an instant.”

Concero began with Murchison, one other recruiter and one customer in 2012. Today, the company has more than 250 clients and 25-plus internal employees focused on sales, development, recruiting and internal operations. In the coming years, Concero aims to expand its footprint from the Midwest to nationwide.

Concero has been named in the St. Louis Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list for five consecutive years and earned first place three times in the small business category.

“Jay is a natural-born leader,” his team said. “He has always had a growth mindset, an intense work ethic and a focus on efficiency. Throughout his career working for other businesses, he could always see how things could be improved from a cultural or people perspective. The combination of these characteristics led him to create something that would merge all aspects of his personality. His purpose was — and is — to ‘do staffing’ better than any of his previous employers and to create a legacy for his family.”

Murchison established ConceroCares as a way for the company to give back to the community with financial donations, employer matching and volunteering time. The company is involved with dozens of charitable organizations, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Walk to End Alzheimer’s and Oasis Food Pantry.

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Did you know?

Jay has experienced a few things that the average person probably can’t say they’ve done. He was a walk-on player for Mizzou, who became a four-year starter and played in one of Mizzou’s first bowl games in 15 years. Later after college, he won a charity tournament with Aaron Rodgers as his QB, and he’s now a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan.


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