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Chris Krehmeyer

President & CEO

Beyond Housing

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1975

Industry: Economic Development

Chris Krehmeyer is president and CEO of Beyond Housing, a community development organization that works to strengthen families and transform communities to create a stronger, more equitable and prosperous St. Louis region for all.

It’s the largest community development organization in the St. Louis area and has invested more than $150 million in North St. Louis County communities.

Under Krehmeyer’s leadership, Beyond Housing launched the Once and for All campaign to address the root source of our region’s long-standing challenges, from failing schools to high crime rates, slow economic growth and the region’s perceived decline in prosperity and national prominence and influence.

The organization’s goal is to introduce an initial public offering and raise $200 million in new investments. The campaign, unique in the field of community development, “recognizes that transforming under-resourced communities cannot be achieved by focusing on just one piece of the puzzle,” the nonprofit said. “It requires a comprehensive, multipronged approach that serves the multiple, interrelated needs of both families and communities — from housing to employment, education, health, economic development, municipal government and more.”

The campaign aims to be bold, innovative and comprehensive, focusing on strengthening families and individuals, changing physical environments and improving systems.

The key, according to Beyond Housing, is allocating resources efficiently. The organization notes there are 19,000 nonprofit organizations in the Greater St. Louis area, with millions of dollars coming from corporations, foundations and individuals every year. Greater collaboration and sharing of resources will lead to a greater impact, Krehmeyer said.

“Creating a stronger, more equitable and prosperous St. Louis, once and for all, requires many hands,” Beyond Housing said. “Some hold hammers for rehabbing houses. Some read to kids. Some help out at community celebrations. We have numerous opportunities that allow our Titan friends to get involved and join us in the fight to transform lives.

“The key to moving St. Louis forward is not repeating what we’ve done before. We’re learning there’s resistance to change, and our lack of progress is not due to a lack of resources. In St. Louis, change does not come easy for us. But if we’re going to finally overcome our challenges, we need to think more innovatively and break free from how we’ve done things in the past.”

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