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Jill Heneghan

Luke Pope

Chief Financial Officer
Green Street Real Estate Ventures

Location: St. Louis, MO
Founded: 2008
Industry: Real Estate

Faced with a challenge, the leadership team at Green Street Real Estate Ventures takes a collaborative approach to problem-solving, says Chief Financial Officer Luke Pope.

“The team approach allows us to hear different points of view as many of the team members have come from vastly different backgrounds,” Pope said. “Once we identify all the issues, we then gather information from the different departments so we can make the most well-informed decision. After all the data is compiled, we present the data and talk through the issue as a leadership team until we have a solution that we can all agree on at some level and that we feel is the best for our company.”

Green Street Real Estate Ventures is an entrepreneurial real estate solutions provider. Green Street completes real estate projects as an advisor, developer, builder and property owner. The company also owns a general contracting business, architectural firm, commercial interior design business, incentives business, property management company and entertainment business.

In the last two years, Green Street has streamlined its equity-raising process. Previously, the company has done what it described as “ad hoc capital-raising from high net worth individuals and family offices.” The company has pivoted to make its investments attractive to institutional investors, the business said.

The company is focused on two new lines of business in the coming years. One is its food and beverage business line, which will focus on operating retail locations “that capitalize on the growing ‘retail as entertainment’ sector,” the company said. The second area is in the senior living industry. The company sees an opportunity because “over the last decade there has been development of many senior living facilities by developers that lack the operational experience to effectively operate these facilities,” the business said. “Therefore, there is a massive opportunity to acquire these facilities for a discount and stabilize these assets. We feel the timing is perfect for this business as the baby boomers enter into the largest migration into senior facilities over the coming decade.”

Under Pope’s leadership, the company is also focused on developing the next generation of leaders in business. It operates a general internship program in conjunction with universities to provide opportunities for interns in architecture, real estate development, construction, entertainment, senior living and incentive consulting. Green Street also launched a program focused on historically Black colleges and universities that is geared toward opening up the real estate development world to minority students who have historically been underrepresented in the industry.

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Recognition as a Titan has been a great milestone in recognizing my career efforts to date. It also keeps me driven to not stop here but to continue to strive for excellence. As we grow our business we provide opportunities for our employees and surrounding communities.

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