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Jill Heneghan

Brian Boettler

Atlas Building Group

Location: St. Charles, MO
Founded: 2007
Industry: General Contracting - Construction

Brian Boettler’s most important business decision wasn’t how and when to get into entrepreneurship. It was when to step back and allow the team he built to take the reins.

“I feel it is important that I maintain a steady hand in strategy and long-term planning, but I am very proud of the team that I assembled,” he said. “A person can't do it all, and part of being a good leader is creating a good team, and it has been a joy to see them succeed as the company does.”

Boettler serves as president of Atlas Building Group, a commercial general contracting and construction company.

The company “focuses on providing our clients project management that not only provides the highest quality at completion, but also maintains tight scheduling and budgetary control. We foster collaboration with consistent communication and proactively identifying potential issues and working with our clients to resolve them before they become problems,” the company said.

Boettler founded Atlas Building Group in 2007 with a small set of clients and a few team members in the office and in the field. Fifteen years later, the original core clients remain, and the business has expanded to operate in 44 states with clients across the country and a 90%-plus repeat business rate.

The company services the developer, retail and grocery markets along with restaurant, automotive, hospitality and healthcare industries. In the next five years, the company expects to grow its market share while expanding into other areas to insulate itself from any downturns in individual markets.

“Much weight is given today to adaptability and the ability to quickly pivot when the economy changes or the market shifts, especially in the new global business environment, but there is a lot to be said for consistency in focus and demeanor,” Boettler said. “If a leader can be seen as solid, stoic, and driving toward unvarying goals, this will help unite the company behind them and increase reliability which will, in turn, engender increased loyalty from clients.”

Boettler’s leadership and perseverance showed through during the height of the pandemic, when funds for new construction and remodel projects were limited or eliminated for up to a year. Boettler, though, did not retreat and instead pushed forward, finding ways to help clients install pandemic-related safety barriers and health equipment. In 2021 and 2022, materials and workers were in short supply, and Boettler again found workarounds for clients to deliver on projects.

“If anything can be said of Brian, it is that he is resourceful and steadfast in his pursuit of client satisfaction, and the repeat business and continued growth Atlas Building Group has sustained today through these hard times is an accomplishment to be proud of,” Boettler’s team said.

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An interesting fact about Brian is that not only is the President of Atlas Building Group, but he also owns the world's largest yacht brokerage.

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