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Jill Heneghan

Alice C Benner

Principal, Managing Director
Bamboo Equity Partners

Location: St. Louis, MO
Founded: 2012
Industry: Real Estate


Alice C. Benner credits much of her success as a leader to putting the team first. She’s followed that credo in her role as principal and managing director of Bamboo Equity Partners.

“When the team feels cared for, nurtured and seen, the bottom line takes care of itself,” she said. “Having a loyal, hardworking, caring team pulling in the same direction and sharing ideas in a nonjudgmental setting can be the difference between good and great. Successful leaders listen, know they are not the smartest in the room and don’t want to be. They are humble and caring. They lead by example both in work ethic and dedication to their lives outside of work with family, hobbies and serving their communities.”

That team-first mentality translates to Bamboo’s policies and programs. The company asks its employees to commit 40 hours to giving back to the community each year plus 40 hours to invest in their own education, learn something new about their job or someone else’s job, further their degree or pursue a certificate. The culture of learning, growing and achieving filters from the top to the interns.

“Our interns generally refer their friends (to Bamboo) because of our culture,” Benner said. “We focus on educating and hands-on work, not coffee runs and filing. This is an opportunity to get your hands dirty and to make an impact!”

Bamboo Equity Partners provides investors with diverse, value-creating real estate strategies across the spectrum of risk, the company said. Its services help clients find opportunities and possibilities in real estate, often hidden in underutilized properties.

Benner cites two important risks that helped lead to her success today. One was to believe in herself and become an entrepreneur, leaving a stable career with a good income. The other was to trust her partners, she said.

“Trusting my partners has been a secondary leap I took,” she said. “Having business partners is like getting married again, and I am grateful for my partner at home (my husband of over 10 years) as well as my partners at work. I am the luckiest woman in the world to do what I love each day.”

Under Benner’s leadership, Bamboo’s revenues have grown, and the company has expanded into other markets. The business was featured on the front page of the Sunday edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“In the last 2.5 years, our team has made all the difference in how we approach challenges by working together, sharing any solutions that come to mind and being creative,” Benner said. “Experts are also critical in gathering information to make informed decisions quickly. They have been shown to save time and money. With our experienced team and our stable of outside experts, we have set ourselves apart in bringing creative, entrepreneurial solutions quickly to any problem that comes our way. And man, if COVID has shown us anything, it is that nothing is off the table!”

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Wow! What a special honor to receive the Titan 100 award last year. It was so fun celebrating with my husband, friends and colleagues. I have felt extremally proud promoting this award on my LinkedIn, etc. I have already picked someone else in my office who is deserving of this honor and started the application.

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