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Vahan Oganesyan

President & Chief Operating Officer

Billet Health

Location: Glendale

Founded: 2014

Industry: Healthcare

Vahan Oganesyan is the president and chief operating officer of Billet Health, a leading healthcare organization based in Glendale.

Over the past year, Oganesyan has worked to expand the team with experienced personnel, leading to the opening of additional locations in new states. Billet Health now has a presence in Texas, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona, offering a range of home health and hospice care services.

“Billet Health is a reputable organization that diligently strives to meet the specific health care needs of the rapidly growing geriatric community,” the company said. “With our primary focus being to provide dependable support in the comfort and privacy of our patients’ homes, we integrate the need for convenience and flexibility without sacrificing the patients’ level of care.”

The company recently acquired two additional agencies in Los Angeles and is in the process of developing a community resource center and medical clinic in Phoenix. Billet Health has also streamlined its operations by offering durable medical equipment services directly from its in-house pharmacy.

Oganesyan’s open-door policy encourages intellectual conversations with employees, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth. He emphasizes the importance of investing in the team and building a strong foundation for future leaders in the Billet family, the company said.

“Prosperous leaders are ones that are always figuring out how to increase the individuals in front of them,” Oganesyan said. “They are focusing their energy on growing the capacity of the persons around them, resulting in an ever-changing and thriving company. Success comes to those leading a group that has a strong will to learn and press their boundaries. Strong leaders know when hard work needs to be put in by their team, and when it needs to be put in by oneself. Build a team strong enough that no one can tell who the leader is.”

Oganesyan said the biggest risk he has taken professionally is what he has asked of his family in order for him to follow an executive leadership path.

“Easily the biggest risks I have taken are the sacrifices I have asked of my family,” Oganesyan said. “My three children and wife are always my No. 1 priority, but there have been days where they wait for me to get home from late meetings or long trips. As my kids grow, I am grateful to see them enjoy coming by the office to visit almost as much as every member of our work family gets a kick out of seeing them grow over the years.”

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Something many wouldn’t guess about Vince would that business is his passion and hobby. He is someone that even when on vacation, he is jotting down notes of ideas he can’t wait to come back and share. There have been many of times in which we joke as an office that we may have to block him from group chats so he takes a moment to enjoy the yearly fishing trip.


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