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Trent Blain


Arizona Advanced Surgery LLC

Location: Queen Creek

Founded: 2019

Industry: Healthcare

Trent Blain was already part of the Titan 100 list last year, but he invested in himself to bring his leadership skill set to greater heights, spending much of the last year working with an executive coach, he said.

“This has been a very worthwhile investment as she has been the cornerstone to developing leadership through multiple readings and incredibly thought provoking conversations about leading through emotional intelligence,” Blain said. “While I believed I was always a highly emotionally intelligent person, my executive coach has taken me deeper into emotional intelligence in order for me to establish structures and processes to help improve organizational culture that will withstand time.

“Working with an executive coach has been a godsend. I would encourage it for every leader, depending on what their goals are, for investing in themselves. When I first opened dialogue with her, my first comment was, it is incredibly lonely at the top. Over the last year, leading through emotional intelligence, I’ve seen significant development in the way I have been able to engage my team while being even more of a supportive resource by creating accountability that associates are proud to be a part of.”

Blain is the CEO at Arizona Advanced Surgery LLC, a privately owned physician group that specializes in surgical subspecialties. These include general, plastic, breast, endocrine, vascular, colon and rectal, trauma, and hand surgery and surgical oncology.

AAS has been in hyper-growth mode since its inception in 2019. During its second year, it became apparent that too much growth could derail important initiatives because the organization was under-resourced. The company spent the last year ensuring the right players are in the right seats, which not only accommodates growth but also establishes a comprehensive, balanced plan.

“As a result of the evaluations and organizational assessment, the organization redistributed some of the leadership talent in addition to recruiting new talent in order to facilitate the ability to continue to execute on strategic initiatives without incorporating significant stress on the system,” the company said. “After realigning resources to support a growing structure, the organization has positioned itself to keep a foot in two canoes by building tactics that focused on same-store growth in addition to new-store growth. The new, balanced approach supports building out current investments within the physician workforce while also keeping a more long-term focus on new-market or new-store development. This approach will be the correct balance that will retain the provider workforce while AAS strives to be more competitive in new markets where there is community need for surgical services.”

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