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Tom Riggs


MindWire Inc.

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 2016

Industry: Talent Optimization Consulting

Tom Riggs is the CEO of MindWire, a talent optimization consulting firm based in Phoenix. Founded in 2016, the firm is dedicated to using workforce analytics, scientific tools and data to create positive change in organizations and improve the lives of individuals, the company said.

MindWire is focused on delivering a unique and valuable client experience through its “Never Lose a Client Again” initiative. The year-long program involves an eight-step process that emphasizes not only functional needs but also emotional experiences, ensuring that clients feel confident in their choice of MindWire. By implementing changes such as “Meet The Team” videos, client logo walls and personalized communication, Riggs expects to increase client retention from 85% to 90% in 2023, contributing to a projected $2.5 million in sales over five years.

“As an entrepreneur and small business owner you get pulled in 100 directions,” Riggs said. “It can be exhilarating, and even feel productive and satisfying, to throw yourself into all those areas and solve problems and get things done. And it often feels necessary to keep things moving forward. If not me, who? We’re small, I should just get this done.

“There were two lessons I was reminded of. The first is this: Leaders face a choice: You can either lead (which is HEAVILY focused on the people) or do. But not both effectively. Because of a bunch of good reasons I found myself gravitating to the doing, far too much.”

Last year, Riggs and his business partner reassessed things and realized they needed to make some changes. The company made investments in new hires and in accounting and marketing. It invested in a CRM, a new financial system and compensation plan enhancements for key employees. These changes allowed Riggs to refocus on leading instead of doing, he said.

“I knew I was the problem — too much doing, not enough leading — and I knew I had to change it and took steps to do so,” Riggs said. “The new staff we have are a home run, every single one of them, including the promotions of two of our internal superstars. And that has accelerated my ability to get back to … being a good leader.”
Riggs said the company is focused on developing the next generation of leaders with MindWire’s “robust” development plan process.

“This enables us to become hyper-aligned about how each individual wants to grow and learn and allows us to provide opportunities that we didn’t know were possible to help those people grow,” said Riggs, who is named to the Titan 100 list for the second time.

MindWire also engages with the community through partnerships with organizations like Dress For Success Phoenix, Boys &Girls Club of Scottsdale and Fresh Start For Women.

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Tom and Jerry (again, feel free to laugh and poke fun at this, everyone does–including Tom and Jerry) have known each other since 5th grade. And while many WISELY say, don’t go into business with your friend, they had worked together two other times previously, and the strength of their relationship is a foundational piece of what makes MIndWire the organization it is. Along with a strong operating agreement!


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