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Teniqua Broughton

Founder & CEO

VerveSimone Consulting

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 2014

Industry: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Leadership Consulting

Teniqua Broughton is the founder and CEO of VerveSimone Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion and leadership. Since its founding in 2014, VerveSimone has been at the forefront of empowering people and organizations to create inclusive cultures that promote growth and positive change, the organization said.

By emphasizing equity concepts, Broughton assists clients in establishing a unified and inclusive environment where personal growth and learning opportunities are readily available. Through this approach, leaders gain a clear understanding of how diversity, equity and inclusion influence all aspects of their lives, as well as the vital role that trust and culture play in fostering productivity within teams and the workplace, the organization said.

“The most important risk I took was starting my own company,” said Broughton, who is named to the Titan 100 list for the second time. “This was not easy, as my focus as an entrepreneur was to branch off to display my many talents in my toolbox.

“I realize I have control of my own narrative, and I wanted to work to make sure my allies, supporters and naysayers understood this journey is about fulfilling my purpose, my destiny. What I was meant to do and be for others and especially for myself.”

Broughton helped to create the EDI Readiness Learning Sessions for the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits. The sessions assess the preparedness of nonprofit organizations to implement equity capacity-building practices. She also collaborates with six leadership programs, including Valley Leadership and Tempe and Scottsdale Leadership, to deliver a racial justice curriculum. This curriculum empowers leaders to champion equity-based concepts within their departments and organizations, promoting positive change and social impact, Broughton’s organization said.

Broughton serves as the Chair of Western States Arts Federation, and she leverages technology, diverse thought leadership and innovation to energize and fund public-sector arts agencies and communities. She also serves as the executive director of the State of Black Arizona, which produces data and insights for the Black community in Arizona with a focus on addressing inequities in education, economic mobility, infrastructure and health.

Through Broughton’s involvement in organizations like the Desert Botanical Garden Foundation and Arizona State University’s Knowledge Exchange for Resilience, she contributes to community resilience, education and the advancement of social causes.

Broughton’s inspiring journey is characterized by her ability to navigate her own narrative, overcome challenges and fulfill her purpose of serving others. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, she strives to empower individuals and organizations, driving lasting change and paving the way for cultural and leadership advancements globally.

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She enjoys traveling to places with water as it provides both healing and relaxation. A lover of fabulous shoes and a collector of snow globes.


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