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Tanya Wilson

Founder, Owner & CEO

Priority Pumping and “Ladies Kickin’ Ass”

Location: Gilbert

Industry: Septic Systems | Podcasting | Coaching | Speaking

Tanya Wilson was a single mom of a 4-year-old and an 8-year-old when she bet on herself and launched a septic pumping business. It was, she said, “the smartest decision I have ever made.”

Today, Wilson is owner and CEO of Priority Pumping as well as a podcaster, coach and speaker.

“Betting on yourself is crucial,” she said. “It shows confidence in your abilities, fuels personal growth, and ignites motivation. It teaches you to take ownership of your life, pursue your goals with determination and embrace the responsibility for your own success. When you bet on yourself and achieve, the fulfillment is unmatched. Your courage inspires others to do the same, creating a culture of empowerment. Believing in yourself, taking risks and unlocking your true potential is ultimate joy to me.”

Wilson’s podcast is called “Ladies Kickin’ Ass.” “The ‘Ladies Kickin’ Ass’ podcast is for ambitious women entrepreneurs that are looking to grow their network and their mindset through community with other badass boss babes,” Wilson said.

This is Wilson’s second year on the Titan 100 list. Since last year, she said one of her greatest accomplishments has been celebrating who she is and what she has to offer to an underserved population.

“Many times as women, we try to shrink ourselves to fit into the norm,” she said. “We think we are too much. We think we have to look a certain way, act a certain way, do certain work, have perfect kids and relationships and life! It’s total BS! I have taken great pride this year in becoming authentically myself, unapologetically! I have realized more than ever that my calling is to serve these women, just like me, who think they don’t have a place at the table! We do have a place and it’s a very important chair!

“We are teaching other women to be their authentic selves. We are teaching our daughters a new normal where women support each other, instead of tearing each other down. We are changing what the service industry looks like and showing our kids that there is a massive opportunity where good ‘ole hard work is willing to be done.”

Wilson said her biggest goal this year is to continue working on building her “Ladies Kickin’ Ass” community and to host her first “Ladies Kickin’ Ass” live event. The event will also include the unveiling of the 2023 “Ladies Kickin’ Ass” coffee table book that will showcase 50 women making a difference in the world of their businesses, families and communities.

“The women selected for this book will embody the name of our community and be mentors for women who are striving to be the most authentic version of themselves,” Wilson said.

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Five Fun Facts about Tanya Wilson! I was born and raised in a tiny town of 118 population in Turnerville, Wyoming! I have two children of my own Ayzli is 12 and Cash is 8. Then I married my love Jake in 2020 and he brought along three more kiddos Peytan 13, Cater 10 and Caleb 6. We are a true Brady Bunch and I love it – 5 kiddos is a lot of work :)I just helped my 12 year old daughter Ayzli launch her first business – its a beauty brand called Sudzli. She just went live this week with an online store. So proud of her! My bucket list trip is to go to Scotland and Ireland and sleep in an old castle and drink beer in a real Irish pub! I learned how to drive as soon as my feet could reach the pedals, we were easily driving around the small town by age 13.


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