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Susan Hwang

CEO & Founder

BEST Dispensary

Location: Mesa

Founded: 2019

Industry: Medical/Recreational Cannabis

Susan Hwang has a background in biochemistry and microbiology and initially planned to pursue a career in the medical/pharmaceutical industry. However, after witnessing the opioid epidemic and recognizing the need for alternative approaches to modern medicine, she shifted her focus to the emerging cannabis industry.

Hwang seized the opportunity presented by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and secured licenses for two medical marijuana dispensaries, four cultivation sites, four infusion kitchens and four extraction facilities. As the only Asian American woman to own dispensaries in Arizona, Hwang became a prominent figure in the industry, advocating for diversity and inclusivity. She served as the market leader for Women Grow Phoenix, hosting networking events to educate women and minority groups about medical cannabis, cannabis business and the science behind it.

In 2020, with the passage of Prop 207 for recreational cannabis, Susan opened BEST Dispensary, the first and only luxury cannabis dispensary in Arizona offering both medical and recreational products. From its marble interiors and elegant showroom to its team of knowledgeable professionals, every aspect of BEST Dispensary is curated to deliver excellence, the company said.

“As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest risks I have taken was investing all of my savings, including my parents’ retirement funds and proceeds from the sale of their house and business, into acquiring and building the BEST Dispensary,” Hwang said.

Hwang, who came to the United States from South Korea at age 12, is actively involved in her community. She serves on the board of the Mesa Police Foundation and is a board member of the Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce, advocating for opportunities and growth for the AAPI community. She supports causes related to gender and racial equality, volunteering for organizations like Girls who Inspire, Volunteer and Empower (G.I.V.E.), Big Brothers Big Sisters, and One Community.

Hwang has been named to the 40 Under 40 list and received the Outstanding Achievement Recognition award from the Arizona House of Representatives. Her greatest accomplishment, she said, is living out her vision for BEST Dispensary, which has become a flagship location encompassing a vertically integrated 30,000-square-foot facility.

Hwang has worked with Women Grow Los Angeles, one of the largest professional networks in the cannabis industry and has presented at events in Arizona, California, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Hwang is a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, combining her scientific background, passion for holistic medicine and commitment to providing the best possible experience for customers, her team said.

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Susan wears high heels everywhere, from the office to construction sites! She has a deep husky voice – when people meet Susan in person after speaking to her over the phone they are taken back by her small stature, a mere 5’1 – most will comment, Wow! You are not the person I expected from the voice over the phone!.


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