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Stephanie Kinsey


Total Networks

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 1986

Industry: IT Services

Stephanie Kinsey is the CEO and chief financial officer of Total Networks, a leading provider of managed IT support based in Phoenix.

Under Kinsey’s leadership, Total Networks has been awarded the CompTIA Security Trustmark, a third-party validation of the company’s commitment to following IT security best practices. Total Networks is the only company in Arizona to receive this prestigious recognition. By helping clients address regulatory compliance gaps and enhance their security policies and processes, Total Networks ensures that businesses remain secure and compliant with various regulations such as CMMC, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and more, the company said.

Kinsey’s strategic approach and focus on financial performance have been instrumental in driving Total Networks’ growth, the company said. The company achieved its best financial performance in the past year, with a 29% revenue increase compared to the previous year. By tightening up expenses, Total Networks realized a 55% increase in gross profit and tripled its bottom line. This growth not only allowed Total Networks to cater to the technology needs of more clients and end users but also created additional career advancement opportunities for its employees.

In 2022, Total Networks updated its training program and set goals for technical staff to increase their knowledge and gain additional certifications. The company’s commitment to ongoing education resulted in more than 20 technical tracks completed by staff members.

“Our purpose is to help clients achieve an outstanding experience with technology and build rewarding careers for our employees,” said Kinsey, who is named to the Titan 100 list for the second time. “Since the initial investment we have increased our staff and revenue more than sixfold and helped clients grow their businesses as well. We have increased profits even more and have developed a strong leadership team.”

With Kinsey at the helm, Total Networks has been recognized with numerous awards, including being named one of Arizona’s Business Leaders 2023 for its cybersecurity services. Total Networks has also received accolades such as being ranked as a top IT services provider in Arizona by Clutch.co and being among the MSP 501 top IT service providers for the fourth consecutive year.

“Successful leaders set a clear vision and develop a team that is passionate about their role in reaching that vision. They celebrate failures as well as successes,” Kinsey said. “They lead by example, inspire trust and teach ownership. Great leaders are outstanding listeners and mentors. They provide feedback on how the company is doing and encourage collaboration and innovation to overcome challenges. Effective leaders guide their employees to be their best individually as well as the best for the business. Great leaders understand their strengths and know how to compensate for their weaknesses. They provide ongoing learning opportunities and encourage new ideas.”

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Stephanie attended high school at TASIS England, an international college preparatory school outside of London. As a boarding student, she was given the opportunity to participate in educational travel programs in many countries including Germany, Greece, Ireland and the former Soviet Union. These study experiences gave her invaluable cultural and diversity perspectives.


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