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Simer Mayo


Valor Global

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 2004

Industry: BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

This is Simer Mayo’s second time being named to the Titan 100 list, and since he was named a titan last year, one his greatest lessons learned is how to be dynamic and adaptable in the face of challenging circumstances, he said.

Emerging from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayo recognized the need to move at the speed of business and prioritize the well-being and growth of his employees at Valor Global, a business process outsourcing firm. Under his leadership, Valor Global launched Valor University, expanded the Valor Way programs, and experienced significant growth, both in terms of customer base and employees.

Mayo has spearheaded initiatives like Valor Cares, which donates time and money to local communities. He also established the Valor Helps program, providing support to team members facing hardships, matching funds donated to the cause. Through his leadership, Valor Global has not only created job opportunities, but has also contributed to alleviating the challenges faced by the community, particularly during the pandemic.

“Undertaking the challenge of launching Valor Global was the biggest risk (I’ve taken professionally),” Mayor said. “Frequently, people possess exceptional ideas but are unable to take that crucial initial leap of faith. This hesitation can hinder progress and prevent individuals from reaching their full potential. Although it may seem safer to remain in familiar surroundings, taking risks is necessary to achieve success. While starting a new venture is risky, the potential benefits outweigh the dangers. I can tell you this — it’s probably safer to stay back from that edge, but the view from here is so much better.”

Beyond his role at Valor Global, Mayo extends his expertise and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs in organizations such as Greater Phoenix Leadership (GPL) and YPO Arizona Chapter. He is involved in philanthropic endeavors and serves on the boards of Greater Phoenix Leadership, Arizona Commerce Authority and TouchPoint Solution. He is also a partner in Emerging Media Ventures Ltd., owning a stake in the Rajasthan Royals cricket team.

Mayo’s dedication to making a difference was evident when he played a role in evacuating 148 female Afghan students from Kabul during the Taliban takeover in 2021. Through his company, AMS Integrated Solutions, and the efforts of his team, the students were safely evacuated and given the opportunity to continue their education in the United States.

“The most successful attributes of a leader include the willingness to take risks, leading by example and the ability to set, verbalize and execute against a clear vision,” Mayo said.

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Simer is an avid sports fan. A fan of the Arizona Cardinals. He also loves cricket and is an owner of a cricket team. He often volunteers his time as a coach, which is also how he met his wife.


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