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Monique Porras

Founder & CEO

The Kempington Group, LLC

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 2014

Industry: Executive Recruitment

Monique Porras-Mason used 11 years of experience in the recruitment industry as the foundation for her company, The Kempington Group. She leads the executive recruitment firm as founder and CEO, focusing on relationship recruiting and bringing the human factor back to the industry.

The Kempington Group specializes in national executive recruitment across various industries, including accounting and finance, sales and marketing, technology and operations. The firm partners with private equity- and venture capital-funded companies, emerging growth clients and Fortune 500 organizations.

“One of the biggest risks I took was staying true to my business mission even if it meant losing business over it,” Porras Mason said. “One large goal I had was to change the recruiting game. To bring back the human factor within it. In order to accomplish that, it means not all prospective and active clients are ideal. They may not subscribe to the relational recruiting model, which subsequently hurts all the other people involved. Walking away from business that doesn’t align sends a clear message. It allows a leader to maintain integrity and build trust with their peers, customers and teams.

“At the launch of The Kempington Group, I vowed to stay true to my beliefs of how recruiting should be done and walk away from any business that didn’t align or allow for that humanized recruiting style. This is a huge risk as we know all startups need every dollar they can get. I focused on the company’s mission rather than short-term gains so I could establish a strong foundation for long-term sustainability and success.”

Porras Mason has raised more than $500,000 for children’s and cancer-focused nonprofits. She serves as a board member for ESPN’s V Foundation and the Translational Genomics Research Institute. She also mentors young women through programs such as BE Empowered, BE Fearless.

In the coming years, Porras Mason said her company will continue to use the latest technology and data to identify and match the best candidates with its clients. The company will grow its reputation for diversity, equity and inclusion. It will work with candidates and clients to address wage disparities, and it will double its workforce. There are plans to expand with a goal of hitting $8 million in annual revenue, and grow its advisory services.

“The Kempington Group will be a beacon of excellence in the industry (and) known for its innovation, commitment to diversity, and exceptional customer service,” Porras Mason said. “The firm will also have a huge stake within the community and support necessary and fundamental nonprofits that are bettering our society. I am proud to lead this company, knowing that we are making a positive difference in the lives of our clients, candidates and community every day.”

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A fun fact about Monique is she is studying in preparation for a Sommelier Level I certification course. For the mere fact of doing something bold and uncomfortable!


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