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Michael Popovich


STChealth LLC

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 1988

Industry: Healthcare

Michael Popovich’s decades of experience serving public health and retail pharmacy clients helped him navigate the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, which he said created a perfect storm for growth in his STChealth business.

Under Popovich’s leadership as CEO, STChealth has emerged as a frontrunner in the healthcare industry’s response to the pandemic. STChealth recognized the important role of IT systems in public health and retail pharmacy, and it accelerated the development of products to improve or replace existing systems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified STChealth as a model for this type of modernization.

“The biggest risks occur when the business is at risk of going out of business because of some event,” Popovich said. “Simply put, at some point the bottom falls out. Do you throw in the towel or work the problem in such a way that small progress to recover keeps you motivated and going? In fact, over the years the bottom is guaranteed to fall out more than once for different reasons each time. It may not get easier, but it is easier to follow the path you created to overcome this the first, second or third time. You develop a pattern and method to reduce the risk and build the confidence to know you can overcome it.”

Popovich helped the company streamline its business development processes, leveraging tools like Salesforce to identify opportunities to drive sales. The initiative resulted in a projected increase in annual revenue from $34 million to $43 million in 2023.

As the company has grown, Popovich has made key hires, bringing in senior staff members and investing in training and coaching for executives and other employees. That work has helped the company secure major contracts with organizations like the CDC and the state of Georgia.

Popovich, who is on the Titan 100 list for the second time, also recognizes the importance of having a succession plan and developing the next group of company leaders, he said. His vision for the executives at STChealth in 2023 includes exceeding financial goals, driving the company’s culture, fostering success for everyone they interact with, contributing to the community and prioritizing personal growth.
“I continue to support the growth of key individuals that will run STChealth once I move on,” he said. “This includes encouraging and financially supporting their involvement in programs like Vistage and peer group leadership organizations. This allows added skills to be built that you do not learn in school or day-to-day business operations. These organizations hold individuals (accountable) at another level. They cause independent thinking and decision-making support from peers in other businesses, allowing them to broaden their knowledge.”

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Mike Popovich’s father moved from Croatia to the U.S. with nothing and had to start from scratch. This instilled in Mike at a young age the value of hard work and entrepreneurship.


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