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Matt Walsh

CEO & Founder

Blue Signal

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 2012

Industry: Recruiting, Staffing, & Executive Search

Matt Walsh is the CEO and founder of Blue Signal, a recruiting, staffing and executive search firm in Phoenix. Walsh also launched a sister company called Resume and Career Services, Powered by Blue Signal, which empowers professionals to enhance their confidence, career growth and personal brand.

As a CEO in the recruiting industry, Matt has consistently focused on driving growth and development for employees, candidates and clients alike. He has implemented internal training programs, embraced remote work and leveraged technology to optimize recruiting processes. He has also worked closely with clients to help them adapt to the new era of remote work and become leading players in their industries.

“I think any entrepreneur will tell you in order to start a company there is a massive amount of risk, both financially and personally, when you factor in all of the time and commitment needed to make it successful,” Walsh said. “For me, I was very fortunate with my natural passion for working in the recruiting industry and fostering relationships on a daily basis; therefore, the biggest risk for me was to build a recruiting company focused on the human element — doing what’s right and being the best recruiting firm on the planet versus focusing on profit and transactions like others in the industry.

“In many of my CEO and recruiter leadership groups, folks are baffled by how much time and money we constantly invest to make sure we are doing right by those around us. I can confidently say there’s no better firm for a candidate, client or recruiter than Blue Signal. And being able to build this took a lot of financial risk, personal time, and sacrifices for me and my family.”

Walsh has implemented a mentorship program and philanthropic initiative called Blue Signal Gives Back to support the development of future leaders at the company. Walsh measures the success of these efforts through retention rates, promotions, employee satisfaction and engagement.

“At Blue Signal, we have created a superior culture and mission by embracing our team’s strengths and differences,” Walsh said. “We value diversity and collaboration and empower our employees to achieve their full potential both personally and professionally. By trusting our team members and giving them ownership of their work, we have built high-performing teams that consistently deliver exceptional results. As a leader, it’s my responsibility to foster an environment where trust and empowerment thrive, leading to a positive work culture and a shared vision for success.”

Walsh believes successful leaders today need three key attributes. Those are compassion, humility and trust in others.

“It’s essential to lead with a human touch, being empathetic toward employees, customers and stakeholders,” he said. “Humility is also critical in today’s dynamic business world, where change is constant. A humble leader acknowledges their limitations and is open to learning from others to stay agile and make better decisions.”

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Matt has owned 5 Chevy Tahoes in his life.


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