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LaVon Jackson Maccanico

President & Owner

Right Way Automotive dba Meineke Car Care Center

Location: Mesa

Founded: 2019

Industry: Automotive Repairs

LaVon Jackson Maccanico took a significant risk by opening an automotive repair shop despite her lack of an automotive background. She aimed to challenge the negative reputation that the industry had with women and non-car-savvy individuals.

Maccanico’s personal experiences and desire for change led her to purchase a Meineke franchise, opening her first location in March 2020 with the support and dedication of her family, including her sons and daughter, who shared her vision of leaving a lasting legacy beyond financial success.

Starting a business in an industry where she had no experience was a risk, but another risk was going into business with family, Maccanico said.

“Oftentimes family members may have different ideas about how the business should be run, which could lead to major disagreements, lack of respect and professionalism, but in our family-run business we have experienced the polar opposite,” Maccanico said. “We have strengthened our bonds and have the ultimate respect for each other. This is where the legacy begins!”

As president and owner of Right Way Automotive Inc., Maccanico actively engages with community financial institutions, partners with local high schools and trade schools to offer automotive internships and hires graduating students. The company collaborates with the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, state Congressional office and other organizations to support veterans and donate used vehicles to those in need.

Maccanico upholds a set of core values in her business, promoting honesty, integrity and professionalism, all aimed at rebranding the image that women have about automotive repair shops. Right Way Automotive ensures a welcoming atmosphere with clean facilities, including children’s areas, to provide a positive experience for all customers, the company said.

Maccanico’s goals include helping underprivileged individuals, senior citizens and single mothers by providing reduced-cost car care services. She also aspires to be an employer of choice, offering opportunities for second chances to veterans and individuals skilled in automotive repairs who seek a fresh start. She also plans to develop educational workshops for women and neighbors, sharing knowledge about proper car maintenance and providing scholarships for trade and academic careers.

Maccanico received the Meineke Corp Rookie of the Year award for achieving the highest sales among new stores in 2020. She has also been invited as a keynote speaker at the Dress for Success annual Women’s Empowerment Luncheon, where she shared her inspiring journey. Her dedication to driving economic, social and cultural change for women in the community earned her recognition from Dress for Success Phoenix Chapter’s “Your Hour, Her Power” campaign.

Maccanico’s commitment to minority-owned businesses led her to graduate from the inaugural Social and Economic Equity for Minority Enterprises Program, a part of the Black Philanthropy Initiative’s Social Justice Project. She was also featured in BPI’s “Let’s Make History Together” campaign. Moreover, she participated in a panel discussion on modern matriarchy at the Matriarchs Exhibition during Black History Month, showcasing her insights and experiences.

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LaVon used to be an avid bowler, and once she bowled a 265 game. She also won 2nd place in her division in a county wide bowling tournament. It was a grand time and tons of fun!


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