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Kevin Sellers

Chief Marketing Officer

Ping Identity

Location: Gilbert

Founded: 2002

Industry: Software as a Service

Kevin Sellers’ career journey began in the finance sector, where he excelled after completing his MBA. However, he soon realized his true calling lay in marketing, a field that allowed him to use his creativity. Taking a bold leap, he moved to Japan to gain valuable international experience and expand his professional horizons. This transformative experience not only propelled his career trajectory but also enriched his personal life and the lives of his family members.

“I took a major risk earlier in my career to uproot my family and move to Japan for an opportunity to gain important international experience that I hoped would offer unique career growth and learning,” Sellers said. “While it all turned out to be a tremendous experience and a massive boost to my career trajectory, I learned fairly early that moving overseas was not just for me and my professional life, but it was as much for my family members to experience in their own right.

“Sometimes in life and in careers, you have to take the big leap and step into the darkness just enough and then wait for the way in front of you to be lighted up just enough to keep moving. This was my big risk — one that lasted nearly eight years — that blessed me both personally and professionally.”

During his time in Japan, Sellers worked for Intel Corporation, leading a multibillion-dollar-revenue turnaround and earning accolades for his achievements. He returned to the U.S. and continued to thrive in the marketing field, honing his skills and building a reputation for innovative thinking and driving impactful results. His successes caught the attention of Ping Identity, a software company focused on digital identity protection, which recruited him to accelerate the company’s growth, strengthen the brand and develop a world-class demand generation engine.

Under Sellers’ leadership as chief marketing officer, Ping Identity has experienced remarkable growth. When he joined the company three years ago, it was a $200 million business protecting more than two billion digital identities. Today, it has grown to a $400 million business securing over three billion identities globally. Ping Identity, the first company owned by Vista Equity Partners to go public, has seen its value triple during Sellers’ tenure as chief marketing officer.

Sellers has been recognized as a global marketing leader, receiving numerous industry accolades for his impactful contributions. His achievements include a Cannes Lions Award for outstanding content and the Top Digital Marketer of the Year Award and being named one of the 10 best chief marketing officers of the year by Industry Era in 2020. Moreover, Sellers’ teams have consistently driven significant business results, such as doubling Intel’s revenue in Japan and doubling Ping Identity’s annual recurring revenue in just over three years.

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Kevin has lived in Asia for nearly 10 years and learned to speak Korean fluently and basic Japanese.


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