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Joshua Farley

President & CEO

Redline Electric & Solar

Location: Tempe

Founded: 2009

Industry: Energy

On the day that Joshua Farley’s son was born, Farley did the unthinkable and quit his job.

“If that wasn’t the biggest risk I ever took, I don’t know what is,” he said. “Having the weight of now being responsible for another person is beyond describable. That risk, however, created a drive in me that I didn’t know I had or needed. This same risk keeps me pushing forward today.”

Today, Farley is the president and CEO of Redline Electric & Solar, a full-service electrical and solar contractor serving Arizona. From the outset, Farley’s primary goal was to create a business that provided him with the freedom to spend quality time with his family. He recognized that working for someone else would not fulfill his aspirations, and he took a leap of faith and ventured into entrepreneurship.

Despite facing the challenges of being a high school dropout, Farley acquired invaluable skills and knowledge as an electrician, thanks to his father’s guidance and mentorship. After a failed partnership and the economic collapse in 2008, Farley emerged resilient, starting fresh on his own in 2009.

He read books, sought advice from experienced coaches and joined organizations like Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the U.S. Small Business Administration. This personal and professional growth allowed Farley to refine his core values and develop a foundation for Redline Electric & Solar.

As Redline Electric & Solar approaches its 15th year, Farley’s confidence in the company’s direction has never been stronger. He envisions Redline expanding to new locations throughout Arizona and potentially into the Southwest region. Ultimately, Redline Electric & Solar strives to become a household name for electrical services, synonymous with quality and reliability.

“I see the company growing in more ways than just revenue,” Farley said. “I see Redline setting the bar for what a real healthy culture looks like when you bring like-minded people together and focus their efforts in the same direction. I see sharing the benefits of hard work and a work ethic that are reminiscent of past times.”

Redline Electric & Solar has been included in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for multiple years. Both major Arizona state utility companies have recognized Redline as a top contributing contractor trade ally, highlighting the company’s impact on reducing carbon footprints and energy consumption.

Farley’s commitment to making a positive impact extends to communities beyond borders. He and his chief operating officer, Marcus Soto, traveled to Malawi, Africa, where they installed solar power and batteries for a local tribe’s school, supply hut and medical clinic.

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Joshua taught himself to play the guitar using his mom’s Harmony acoustic and listening to the radio.


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