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Elizabeth Shabaker CFP CDC


Versant Capital Management, Inc.

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 2004

Industry: Wealth Management

Elizabeth Shabaker, CFP, CDC is the CEO of Versant Capital Management Inc., a leading wealth management firm in Phoenix.

“Through life’s major events — from marriage or divorce to inheritance, selling a business, or planning for retirement — we help people make informed decisions to grow their wealth,” the firm said. “Versant Capital Management is an independent registered investment advisor. The firm provides comprehensive financial advice and investment portfolio management to multigenerational families, women and small business owners by understanding their personal circumstances, goals, needs and legacy interests.”

Shabaker recognizes the rapidly changing landscape of the wealth management industry and embraces the opportunities presented by disruptions and technological advancements. She ensures that Versant Capital Management remains relevant and resilient by adopting new technologies, optimizing operations and investing in employee development. She believes culture is the key to success and fosters an environment of trust, respect and growth within the firm.

Shabaker said she has turned down overtures from other firms to acquire Versant Capital Management because she believes in the company’s values and culture.

“A big risk I’ve taken is declining offers from other firms to acquire our business and remain an independent wealth management firm,” Shabaker said. “The initial financial reward may have been significant, but by building and growing our own firm, we can implement our values and guide how we serve our clients in the way we best believe. We aren’t beholden to someone else’s quotas or bottom line. Of course, this single-mindedness often means you are committed to choosing the business over other obligations.”

Shabaker is dedicated to empowering women, and that extends to her pro bono work assisting women in protecting themselves financially during significant life transitions.

She is looking ahead and preparing for what she describes as the passing down of trillions of dollars to children and grandchildren in the next 20 years.

“Remaining independent requires that we continue to build a strong firm for our current clients and also for the next generations of clients,” Shabaker said. “To serve the next generation, we must focus on reevaluating business processes, communication avenues and wealth and investment plan opportunities, among other things, so that our interactions connect with the next generation of clients and prospects.

“Younger people are informed, involved and decisive. How we communicate with and deliver value to them has to match this. It’s also more important than ever to cultivate talent that can speak the language of younger investors while developing long-lasting relationships.”

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