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Derek Wright

President & CEO

Suntec Concrete

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 1984

Industry: Construction

Derek Wright started with Suntec Concrete in 1990 as a carpenter. Since then, through years of dedication and hard work, he steadily climbed the ranks of the company and today is president and CEO.

Together with founder Jerry Barnier and other company leaders, Wright has fostered a culture that prioritizes employee support and development. This commitment to internal growth has allowed Suntec to assemble a team of individuals who share a common vision and work together to achieve excellence.

“As CEO, Derek has created an atmosphere of positive growth, both for the individual team members and the company itself,” Wright’s team said. “Team members receive industry-leading training and education programs, as well as opportunities for advancement into leadership positions, which is the same path that Derek took to becoming CEO.”

Under Wright’s leadership, Suntec has experienced remarkable expansion. Since 2014 the company has grown from 700 employees and one office to a workforce of 1,800 across three offices in Phoenix, Denver and Salt Lake City, with an annual revenue exceeding $740 million. Suntec has completed projects in seven states throughout the western United States.

Suntec has built its reputation on large-scale projects, including concrete flooring, tilt-up concrete panels and structural concrete. The company integrates sustainable practices into its projects, using recycled or sustainable materials whenever possible. Suntec promotes diversity within its workforce, providing resources and training to support career advancement and skill development for all team members.

The company’s philanthropy program, Heroes in Hardhats, contributes to charitable causes and encourages employee volunteering. In 2022, Suntec donated more than $200,000 worth of school supplies and equipment to 96 deserving teachers in the three markets where Suntec has offices.

Wright has propelled Suntec to become the largest concrete subcontractor in the Southwest and the fifth largest in the nation. The company’s revenue growth, nearly tripled since 2017, reflects its ongoing success.

In 2023, Wright was appointed chairman of the Arizona Builders Alliance, a prominent industry advocacy and education group. Wright and Suntec have received numerous accolades in recent years. These include being named a Most Admired Company, ranking as the top specialty subcontractor in the Southwest and being recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in Arizona. Suntec was honored with the Trade Partner Excellence in Safety Award in 2022.

“These awards are proof that Suntec believes that each member of the team is family, and focusing on safety keeps the family together, both at work and at home,” the company said.

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From an early age, Derek has been a builder.  At the age of five, his father constructed a sand box at their home in Flagstaff, and as he recalls, he would sneak into the garage and help himself to a bag of Portland cement to build things.   €œLittle did I know I would grow up and do it for a living €, he says.


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