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Derek Harris

Founder & Principal

HARRI5 Manufactured Housing and Commercial Brokerage

Location: Scottsdale

Founded: 2019

Industry: Real Estate

Derek Harris’ lengthy career in real estate started immediately after he graduated from Arizona State University and purchased his first condominium. That was the first step toward what would eventually become a portfolio of more than 100 properties.

Early in his career, Harris brokered more than $2 billion in real estate transactions and negotiated land use and entitlement matters with government entities in the Phoenix area. He sold his own real estate portfolio in 2004.

Harris eventually moved into a principal role at Weinstein and Harris, a Phoenix brokerage firm. Specializing in master plan and lot sales, Harris brokered over $100 million in sales annually, consistently ranking among the top five real estate brokerage firms in Arizona. After exiting Weinstein and Harris, he joined the national brokerage firm Land Advisors Organization, capitalizing on the Great Recession’s decline in home values. That led to a partnership with Tricon Capital Group, a publicly traded firm from Canada. At Tricon, Harris managed a portfolio of more than 400 properties.

In 2019, after the sale of his portfolio and the success of his second brokerage, Pacific Land Company, Harris launched Harri5 Manufactured Housing and Commercial Brokerage. He named it with a “5” in place of an “S” to honor his five children.

Harris is surrounded by a dedicated team at Harri5, whom he considers not only professional associates but family. His wife, Gabriela, serves as one of his business partners.

After decades in the real estate industry, Harris has seen nearly everything, and when problems arise, he knows how to react. “Identify the problem, keep an open mind, listen, address the problem directly and immediately implant a plan to move forward,” Harris said.

Harri5 is positioned for national growth, with plans to expand its operations in Tennessee, Georgia, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and additional Western states over the next five years. While the brokerage’s foundation is in manufactured housing, it aims to diversify by adding key executives and brokers in multifamily, industrial and commercial and retail properties.

Harris has brokered over $1.75 billion in mobile home communities and $3.75 billion in land-and-lots-to-production homebuilders, amounting to brokerage transactions exceeding $5.5 billion. Since its establishment in 2019, Harri5 has generated more than $2 billion in revenue.

Harris has a strong reputation in the industry and is often consulted by local and national industry leaders, institutions and individuals seeking his insights into the marketplace.

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