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David Jemmett


CISO Global

Location: Scottsdale

Founded: 2019

Industry: Managed Compliance & Cybersecurity

David Jemmett is the CEO of CISO Global, a leading managed compliance and cybersecurity company based in Scottsdale. Under Jemmett’s leadership, CISO Global has expanded its operations beyond the United States to establish a global presence, including the acquisition of three companies in Latin America: CUATROi, NLT Secure and Arkavia.

Through these acquisitions, CISO Global now offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions, including security operations center (SOC) services, managed IT services, compliance consulting and penetration testing, the company said. As part of the global expansion, the company rebranded and adopted the name CISO Global.

“I left a situation where the success was weighted heavily at the top, built on the backs of the smart people,” Jemmett said. “The most important risk I have taken was to build a company that was not venture capital or private equity owned. This way, we put the success, the rewards, in the hands of the smart people who make this company great.

“I’ve seen cybersecurity professionals used and taken for granted in other companies, and I wanted to build something with them, for them. This is essential, because those are the people designing solutions and solving problems. Everyone in our company is a co-owner — the value they receive from our work is a direct result of their efforts. I’ve never been a part of another organization that was developed like CISO Global has been.”

In anticipation of a market downturn in 2023, Jemmett formed an organic revenue growth plan and expanded operations in regions that offer cost advantages. By focusing on channel partnerships and positive client experiences for account expansion, CISO Global has achieved significant organic revenue growth, the company said.

Jemmett has invested in hiring top employees to share the responsibilities of running the organization. The team has successfully aligned services and ensured reliable and repeatable delivery, the company said.

“It’s crucial to surround yourself with good people,” Jemmett said. “Your team is what makes your company great at the end of the day. That’s why I’ve built a team of smart people around me. I take the time to listen to my colleagues from all levels of our business and implement their ideas and feedback into our operation. I feel that’s how you become a leader that inspires the team, rather than a boss who dictates demands.”

Jemmett, a titan for the second time, supports the development of future business leaders. He maintains mentorship relationships with members of the Four Horsemen hacking group, who attacked his networks in the past but were given an opportunity for mentorship instead of prosecution. He also mentors younger members of the CISO Global leadership team, sharing his decision-making process and providing guidance, his team said.

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Jemmett experienced his very first cyber attack in 1992, when his station at work continued to be shut down every single day. Having worked with law enforcement to track down those responsible, Jemmett was shocked when told that the four (4)teenagers responsible for the hack were detained by the FBI for prosecution. David intervened on their behalf, recognizing the tremendous talent in each of these youngsters. He was able to help negotiate for 2 years probation in exchange for their coming to work for him daily, learning the arts of network engineering and cybersecurity. After years under Jemmett’s mentorship, all four became (and continue to work as) highly successful experts in their own rights. He keeps in close touch with all four gentlemen, and these are among the most inspiring professional, and personal, relationships in Jemmett’s life.


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