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David Gerovac Canyon Building And Design

David Gerovac


Canyon Building and Design

Location: Tucson

Founded: 1999

Industry: Construction

David Gerovac was raised in a family involved in the HVAC contracting business, setting the foundation for his passion for construction. He attended the University of Arizona, where he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering. During his college years, Gerovac juggled a full-time job alongside his studies, saving to realize his dream of starting a general contracting business.

In 1999, Gerovac obtained his general contracting license and founded Canyon Building and Design, based in Tucson. With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, Gerovac has steered Canyon Building and Design to become a top regional contractor with a nationwide presence. The company now has offices in four states and holds licenses in 33 others, allowing the business to undertake projects across the nation.

“We are only as good as our team. This is not an individual sport,” said Gerovac, who added that investing the time and money to build his business was his greatest risk professional risk.

“A great deal of people do not realize the risks taken and the time commitment required,” he said. “You sacrifice friendships and family, and being the leader is often lonely.”

In 2018, Gerovac faced an immense personal challenge when he was diagnosed with stage four cancer. He was warned by doctors to “get his affairs in order,” his team said. While he was grappling with cancer, Gerovac continued to push the boundaries of his business, achieving new milestones and securing significant projects. Today, Canyon has completed more than $1 billion worth of projects, including the construction of more than 130 schools nationwide.

Under Gerovac’s leadership, Canyon Building and Design continues to thrive and aims to increase its nationwide footprint. The company’s growth goal includes reaching an annual revenue of $350 million by 2027. Gerovac envisions expanding the company’s physical presence in the Southeast and establishing offices in Texas and Nevada within the next five years.

Training employees is another priority in the coming years, Gerovac said.

“The existing Canyon staff will obtain additional training, skills certifications and other credentials to further our combined abilities, quality of our product and ultimately our success,” Gerovac said. “We intend to research and utilize greater implementation of software resources and organizational changes to improve our tracking, documentation, safety, quality, performance and increase profitability. We are working on implementation of employee incentives and training opportunities to develop certain critical skillsets within our talent pool.”

Canyon’s success is not only measured by its portfolio of projects but also by the relationships the company has cultivated with clients and employees. Many client relationships have spanned over 20 years and resulted in multiple construction projects. The company has also provided employment opportunities for more than 300 families, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among its workforce, the company said.

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Dave takes great satisfaction in being a father . His daughter is highly driven and accomplished and a recent graduate of UCLA. He raises highly trained European Doberman-Pinschers and collects exotic cars. He loves spending time with friends and family.


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