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Cyntoni Miller


Black on the Job

Location: Litchfield Park

Founded: 2019

Industry: Career Development

Cytoni Miller is the CEO of Black on the Job, a pioneering network and career development organization based in Litchfield Park. Founded in 2018, Black on the Job aims to provide accessible career development services tailored to uplift and empower Black professionals, helping them surpass middle-class status.

Under Miller’s leadership, Black on the Job has facilitated a $35 million increase in salaries in the past year alone. This brings the total amount of increased salaries since the company’s inception to $85 million.

One of the drivers of the company’s growth has been the introduction of industry-specific master classes taught by experts in their respective fields. By analyzing career trends, Miller and her team have been able to offer training courses that empower individuals to transition into more lucrative careers. Those courses include Fundamental Payroll Certification prep courses and training programs in Instructional Design (ID) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Miller initially handled all the services offered by Black on the Job herself, but she has gradually transitioned the work to a capable team that she personally hired and trained. This shift has allowed her to focus more on organizational leadership, mentorship and strategic planning.

“As a leader, the most important risk I took was letting go and entrusting my team with the responsibility of running the company at the same quality standards and level of meticulousness as I do,” Miller said. “This decision required me to let go of direct control and have faith in the abilities and judgment of the people I hired, trained and mentored.

“By empowering my team and fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among them, I demonstrated trust in their capabilities and helped create an environment where they continue to thrive and grow professionally.

“This also helped me build a strong, self-reliant team that could successfully manage day-to-day operations, enabling the company to function effectively even in my absence. This not only contributed to the overall success of the organization but also reinforced the value of trust, collaboration, and empowerment as key components of effective leadership.”

Miller said having a vision for her company and then modeling work ethic she wants to see in others were crucial to the success of Black on the Job.

“To be a successful leader is to have a clear vision for your organization’s future and be able to create and execute strategic plans to achieve these goals.

“Successful leaders model the behavior they want to see in their team. Instead of merely pushing teams towards excellence, we actively demonstrate it through our own actions. This helps set expectations, builds motivation and creates an inspired and positive work culture.”

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When she isn’t busy churning out career advancement content for disadvantaged communities, Cyntoni enjoys exploring adventurous travel destinations and spending quality time with her family. She is also an amazing cook!


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