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Bill Goodwin


MeMD, A Walmart Health Company

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 2010

Industry: Healthcare

Bill Goodwin is the CEO of MeMD, a Walmart Health company based in Phoenix. Since its founding in 2010, MeMD has been on a mission to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to millions of Americans. In 2021, MeMD was acquired by Walmart, and under Goodwin’s leadership, the company has been focused on expanding access to virtual care including urgent care, mental health and primary care, by leveraging new technology.

Goodwin said one of his greatest challenges as a leader was letting go and trusting others to take the reins.

“It took me quite a while in my career to learn that the more I tried to control the outcome, the less likely it was to happen,” he said. “Trusting and empowering others without question changed the game. The outcome may not be exactly what you have in mind originally, but in most cases it is still a great outcome.”

The past year presented MeMD with its biggest challenge yet: integrating into Walmart and launching Walmart Health Virtual Care. Goodwin and his team were committed to ensuring a smooth transition for MeMD employees and helping them adapt. With an anticipated expansion from 5 million members to serving 8–10 million people by the end of the year, MeMD is dedicated to expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare for individuals, including Medicare enrollees, the insured, the underinsured and additional insurance organizations, the company said.

“How work gets done, how employees interact and what norms do individuals and teams follow in a big public company is significantly different,” Goodwin said. “My focus has been to expand their skillsets, their thinking and their ways of communicating to ensure their success. These new capabilities will help future titans significantly. Knowing how to operate in larger, more complex companies, partnered with their entrepreneurial background, will help them succeed in their careers. This multi-dimensional experience should accelerate their ability to be effective in their career pursuits.”

As a part of Walmart, MeMD is positioned to reach more than 150 million Walmart customers, leveraging the company’s vast customer base. MeMD expects to increase virtual visits, aiming for more than 200,000 visits this year and more than 400,000 the following year. With a focus on urgent care, primary care and mental health access, MeMD strives to provide the right care to the right people at the right time, addressing the critical healthcare needs of those who need it most, the company said.

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Bill enjoys challenging himself physically as much as he does professionally. A seasoned endurance athlete, each year he and his friends test their strength and stamina with a series of long-distance biking and hiking events. He recently completed LaToJa, a one-day, 205-mile bike ride from Logan, Utah, to the scenic base of Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. He’s also taken on STP, a one-day, 200-mile ride from Seattle to Portland, as well as a 23-mile rim-to-rim hike across the Grand Canyon.


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