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Beth Scarana

Beth Scarano

Principal & CEO


Location: Scottsdale

Founded: 2012

Industry: Real Estate

Elizabeth “Beth” Scarano’s journey to entrepreneurship began with a bold career shift at the age of 50. After years of working in business development for others in the construction industry, she wanted more control over her own destiny. She founded LaunchPM in 2012 with a vision to take clients’ construction projects from planning to completion with realistic and cost-effective strategies.

“Leaving the security of a salary and benefits is always a risk. Making the leap to change my career path at 50 years old was the most important risk I have ever taken,” Scarano said. “I’d spent much of my career in the construction industry directing business development for others. I knew I wanted more control over my own destiny, and starting my own company was a bet on myself to succeed. Drawing from my experience in business development in the industry, I was confident that I could make the shift to overseeing projects.

“I enjoy putting the pieces of a project together and worked in the industry long enough to know I could. But I had to get others to trust that I could manage their projects. Having others believe in you is always important, but you must first believe in yourself. It makes taking risks much less risky.”

Growing up in a large family in Elkhorn, Nebraska, instilled the values of hard work and determination in Scarano. She attended Arizona State University, initially studying accounting with plans to become an actuary. However, life took a different turn when she married and supported her husband through college. It was during this time that Scarano discovered her passion for the construction industry, starting as a billing computerization specialist and eventually rising to vice president of operations at an engineering firm.

She left the corporate world to start her first entrepreneurial venture, EJS Associates, providing recruiting and staffing services for the construction industry. Scarano gained valuable experience as an independent contractor and later as a director of client services and business development for major construction companies in Greater Phoenix.

At LaunchPM, Scarano emphasizes flexibility, nimbleness and empathy. She believes that being able to adapt to market changes, think quickly and understand the impact on team members are crucial attributes for a successful leader. Scarano’s commitment to self-belief and taking calculated risks has been instrumental in building trust with clients and stakeholders.

“I believe the three most important attributes a successful leader needs today are flexibility, nimbleness and empathy,” Scarano said. “Working and living in today’s world requires the ability to respond to changes in the market, to quickly think through situations as they are presented and react quickly.”

Scarano has participated as a panel speaker for women in construction events and serves as a guest speaker for the Arizona State University Del E. Webb School of Construction master’s program. She has also contributed her expertise to Forbes and InBusiness Magazine. She was honored as an Outstanding Woman in Business by the Phoenix Business Journal in 2021.

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Scarano loves a good adrenaline rush. While people that know her well know that she enjoys downhill skiing and cycling, many will be surprised to learn that she also enjoys racing cars. At the other extreme she is an avid reader that is known to read a book or three a week.


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