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Angela Olea

Founder & Brand President

Assisted Living Locators

Location: Scottsdale

Founded: 2006

Industry: Senior Care

Angela Olea is the founder and president of Assisted Living Locators. Under Olea’s leadership, Assisted Living Locators has been at the forefront of the senior care industry, offering a no-cost, nationwide senior care placement and referral service. The company assists individuals and families in finding suitable options for in-home companion care, independent retirement, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing facilities.

Olea, who is a titan for the second time, said her greatest accomplishment in the past year was the acquisition of the Assisted Living Locators brand and franchise system by Executive Home Care, a leading in-home care provider. This partnership, backed by private equity firm The Riverside Company, has expanded the company’s footprint in the senior care space.

“Reflecting upon my own path, I am reminded of a pivotal moment where I made a daring decision that altered the trajectory of my career,” Olea said. “It was when I transitioned from leading a privately owned company to engaging in a transformative partnership with a private equity firm. This significant step was not merely a fortuitous leap, but a conscious choice rooted in the profound realization that what had propelled me to an impressive milestone of 140 franchisees would not be sufficient to propel me further.”

“I recognized that it was not merely a gamble with finances or resources, but rather a profound personal and professional gamble. Embracing the allure of growth and expansion, I relinquished the comforts of an independent enterprise that I had painstakingly nurtured. It was a decision forged through introspection, strategic foresight and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.”

Olea encourages her franchisees to give back to their communities, making philanthropy an integral part of Assisted Living Locators’ culture. Their charitable efforts, along with their commitment to quality care, have contributed to their recognition as one of the fastest-growing private companies, as listed in Inc. 5000.

Olea said today’s leaders need to possess a combination of attributes, including communication, adaptability, ethics and emotional intelligence, among others.

“First and foremost, effective communication skills are paramount,” Olea said. “Leaders must be able to clearly articulate their vision, expectations, and goals to their teams and stakeholders. Additionally, adaptability is crucial in a rapidly evolving world. Leaders who can embrace change are more likely to succeed. Another important attribute is the ability to inspire and motivate others, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. Emotional intelligence is also essential, as leaders need to understand and empathize with their team members. Finally, integrity and ethical behavior are fundamental to building trust and credibility. These attributes collectively contribute to successful leadership in the modern world.”

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Angela, her mother, and grandmother, three generations, all attended the all-female Catholic college preparatory school St. Vincent’s Academy in Savannah, GA founded, June 23, 1845.


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