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Angela Harrolle

CEO & President

The 100 Club of Arizona

Location: Phoenix

Founded: 1968

Industry: Nonprofit/Public Safety Support

Angela Harrolle is the CEO of The 100 Club of Arizona, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to families of first responders who are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.

Under Harrolle’s leadership, The 100 Club of Arizona has continued its mission of supporting police officers and firefighters throughout the state. She has focused on raising awareness and fundraising to ensure the organization can provide essential resources to the public safety community. Harrolle successfully secured the designation of a qualifying charitable organization to receive the Arizona state tax credit, which will help transform the organization’s finances.

“As part of a nonprofit, awareness and fundraising are always the greatest challenges,” Harrolle said. “In this past year, we were truly honored to be able to be granted … status as a qualifying charitable organization to receive the Arizona state tax credit. This was a feat, as we have not qualified in our previous 50-plus years. We are genuinely hoping this will be the transformation of our organization and of those officers and firefighters we support.”

One of Harrolle’s priorities is protecting first responders from carcinogens that can lead to cancer. She has worked to enhance the safety measures and support available to firefighters, ensuring they receive proper treatment in case of diagnosis. She also has worked to promote the positive contributions and heroic acts performed by police officers.

Harrolle is a titan for the second time, and she has embraced the opportunity to network and learn from other influential leaders in Arizona.

“Becoming part of the titan of industry group truly has been an honor,” Harrolle said. “Then to be able to move forward as well to the board for the local Phoenix chapter took it to a whole new level. Personally, it’s wonderful to be part of something that starts from zero and turns into this incredible organization of individuals who network and support each other in different capacities. Getting to know the other individuals, their areas of expertise and what led them to their current roles have been enlightening.

Harrolle has balanced investing in her team and expanding services while watching the organization’s limited resources closely. Harrolle’s dedication to investing in people and supporting their professional development has not only benefited the organization but also empowered individuals to make a greater impact in their roles, the nonprofit said.

“There are definite sacrifices in obtaining higher levels of leadership within an organization,” Harrolle said. “Personally, I walked into a very challenging environment that needed to grow at a new level. Taking on challenges that may not be popular, confronting opposition with diplomacy, yet with patience, helped to gain support and move in positive directions.”

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Angela worked closely with some incredible leaders in this world such as Nelson Mandela, Oprah, the Dahli Lama, and Colin Powell.


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