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Vijay Khatnani

J2 Solutions

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Technology Staff

Vijay Khatnani has used his background in finance, customer service and IT to elevate his company, J2 Solutions, a technology staffing firm.

Khatnani’s entrepreneurial path started early in life, instilled by his family’s business and nurtured by his own ventures from a young age. After working with major professional services companies, Khatnani recognized the potential in technology consulting and, in 2002, co-founded J2 Solutions with his brother Sanjay. From the beginning, Khatnani set the strategic direction for the company and oversaw its operations, focusing on delivering exceptional service and fostering strong relationships.

“Vijay learned first-hand about service in his family’s business, working his way through college, while holding down a full-time job,” his team said. “His professional goal of working on Wall Street was superseded by his indoctrination to technology consulting, leading him to launch J2 Solutions in 2002.”

J2 Solutions has undergone significant growth and transformation. It started as a business process improvement consulting firm and evolved into an IT staffing company catering to Fortune 1000 companies.

“In 2002, we established our company amidst an economy that had not yet recovered,” Khatnani said. “Our primary focus was assisting small and mid-size businesses in enhancing their business processes, a service we believed many companies required but were not receiving at the time. However, this endeavor posed a challenge as organizations were still grappling with the aftermath of a recession, and the job market had yet to rebound. Despite these circumstances, we remained committed to our long-term vision, trusted in our capabilities, and relied on our dedicated teams. Then, in 2013, we once again adapted our business model, overcoming the challenges of one of the most severe economic climates in recent history. Through it all, our unwavering belief in our vision, abilities and teams propelled us forward.”

Khatnani is known for hosting events and sharing his insights on leadership through his Friday Food for Thought blog. He has held leadership positions with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, CADE and Valley Youth House. He is a graduate of the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.

“The pandemic has reshaped the work landscape, necessitating remote work policies and remote teams,” Khatnani said. “Moreover, we find ourselves amidst uncertain economic conditions, demanding strategic adjustments. Additionally, we are witnessing remarkable technological advancements, particularly in artificial intelligence, which requires our adaptation. In my view, successful leaders must possess the ability to navigate these dynamic circumstances while effectively and empathically communicating with their teams. This combination of adaptability, communication and empathy is essential for leadership in today’s fast-moving environment.”

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One of Vijay's passions is travel. On his last passport there was not a single page that did not have a stamp on it.

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