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Neil Cooper

Co-Founder & Executive Partner
Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld LLC

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Legal Services

Neil Cooper is the co-founder and executive partner of Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld LLC (RCCB), a legal services firm established in 2012. Cooper’s leadership has been instrumental in guiding RCCB through the challenges of the past year, including the pandemic and its associated headwinds. Despite these obstacles, Cooper and the RCCB leadership team have navigated the firm to a safe landing and achieved record-high levels of attorneys and revenue.

“My greatest leadership lesson during the last year is something I already knew, but something that leaders should never tire of relearning and living each and every day,” Cooper said. “To have a high performing team, a leader must pay constant attention to each member of the team, both on a group basis, but most importantly on an individual basis. The team is only as strong as its individual members, and it is critical that a leader pay attention to the wants, needs, concerns, questions and, most importantly, goals, inspirations and drives of each team member. Doing so requires and deserves near daily attention.

“It is for this reason that we have established and empowered the RCCB Our Journey Committee, most recently spending an entire day with 25 members of our team to discuss where we are succeeding, where we are falling short, and what our leaders need to do to enhance the RCCB experience for all RCCBers.”

RCCB is a full-service law firm that caters to companies, business executives, investors and individuals across different industries and sectors. “The firm’s attorneys, with their Am Law training, entrepreneurial experience and in-house corporate perspective, are committed to owning their practices, providing firm leadership and working to achieve clients’ business objectives,” the firm said.

“Cooper and the management team at RCCB prioritize mentoring, training, recruiting, technology, marketing, finance and client service to create an environment that encourages entrepreneurial thinking and empowers junior lawyers to explore unique approaches to their careers and clients,” the firm said.

“Our founding and current teams had many opportunities available to them for the future of their careers,” Cooper said. “We easily could have been parts of much larger and established organizations. Many of us chose to leave those organizations and to stake our careers and futures on building a new and relatively untested kind of firm — one that lives and breathes based on the concept of empowering people at all levels and that values that kind of culture as the key to a healthy and vital organization. One that aspires to do sophisticated work, while also focusing on opportunity and collaboration — for and by our people and our clients.”

Cooper also works with the Satell Institute, an influential multi-city nonprofit.

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It has been a deep honor to be a Titan, most of all because of the amazing 99 others who are also Philadelphia Titans, from whom I have learned so much; I can only hope I have done a little of the same for them.

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