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CJ Bachmann

Chief Executive Officer
1SEO Digital Agency

Location: Bristol, PA
Founded: 2009
Industry: Digital Marketing

CJ Bachmann understands that in the ever- evolving landscape of today’s digital world, the characteristics that define a successful leader have transformed. As chief executive officer of 1SEO Digital Agency, she demonstrates that adaptability, resilience, empathy and visionary thinking are not just attributes, but cornerstones of effective leadership.

Bachman’s journey to the helm of 1SEO Digital Agency is a testament to her unyielding dedication to growth and innovation. She described her biggest professional risk as “stepping into a leadership role at 1SEO, no doubt. But it wasn’t just a switch in job titles — it was a leap of faith that required going against a sea of perceptions and stereotypes.

Her journey from project manager to CEO wasn’t a straight line; it was a whirlwind of diverse experiences. Whether managing projects ranging from HVAC to DUI attorneys, Bachman’s preparation and dedication shone through. She shattered expectations by tackling complexities and embracing challenges that many might have hesitated to undertake.

“When Lance, my ex-brother-in-law, suggested I could play a pivotal role in the company’s future, I instantly knew what I was signing up for. It wasn’t just about dealing with potential assumptions and confronting gender stereotypes in a male- dominated field. But guess what? I’ve been a trailblazer all my life. As the oldest of five, I’ve always been in the driver’s seat, setting the pace. So, this challenge? It was right up my alley. My motivation wasn’t merely professional growth, though. My family, and the vision I had for our future, were my driving force. So, I willingly left a stable job to join 1SEO as a project manager, even if it meant taking a pay cut and navigating a labyrinth of new responsibilities. And boy, was it a whirlwind,” Bachman said.

Bachman champions open discussions, diverse perspectives, and critical evaluation. Her leadership fosters a culture where ideas flow freely, solutions are collectively crafted, and success is a shared achievement. Her commitment to learning extends throughout the organization, ensuring that her team stays ahead of industry trends. By nurturing talent, she’s cultivated a workforce that consistently delivers excellence, positioning 1SEO Digital Agency as a leader in the field.

“The world might not have expected this level of dedication from a woman, but that was their oversight,” Bachmann said. “I saw it as an opportunity to break the glass ceiling. And I never hesitated to put my gloves on — metaphorically speaking. I was always ready to defend my place, to bob and weave through the blows of gender and size stereotypes.”

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, Bachmann’s visionary leadership shines as a guiding light. Her journey from project manager to CEO isn’t just a testament to her individual success; it’s a reflection of her team’s triumphs. By embracing adaptability, resilience, empathy, and visionary thinking, Bachman paves the way for a future where success is defined not just by personal achievements, but by the transformative impact on an entire industry.

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CJ Bachmann's diverse interests and hobbies are an intriguing aspect of her personal life. Not only does she have a deep affection for French Bulldogs and Flamingos, but she also embraces her playful side by hosting an annual Flamingo Pool Party. Furthermore, CJ is an avid boxer, showcasing her dedication to fitness and discipline. This combination of interests highlights CJ's multifaceted personality, which undoubtedly contributes to her ability to lead and inspire the team at 1SEO Digital Agency.

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