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Allen Mehta

Chief Information Officer
Philadelphia International Airport

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1940
Industry: Airport Operations

From a young age, Allen Mehta developed a passion for technology, sparked by his early encounters with computers and programming. Despite his initial trajectory toward a career in medicine, Mehta’s fascination with technology led him down a different path, ultimately shaping his successful career as an executive leader. Today, Mehta is the chief information officer for Philadelphia International Airport.

Mehta’s journey in the technology field began with a job running a computer lab at a California community college, where he shared his knowledge and taught others how to use computers. This experience ignited his drive to learn more about the evolving world of technology. He went on to work as the information technology director for the University of Southern California’s School of Medicine, where he gained valuable experience in managing complex IT systems and infrastructure.

Mehta pursued graduate studies at the University of Southern California, and it was during this time that he discovered an opportunity to write his own job description for a chief information officer position at a retirement organization. His knowledge and guidance impressed the organization’s chief executive officer, leading to Mehta being offered the same position he had helped create. This marked a turning point in Mehta’s career, opening doors to leadership roles in healthcare information technology.

Mehta transitioned to the transportation industry, where he successfully led a team in creating innovative transport software. Following the company’s acquisition, he found himself at the Philadelphia International Airport. Mehta started as the deputy chief information officer and eventually moved up to the executive role of chief information officer, responsible for overseeing the airport’s technology infrastructure.

Mehta manages a team of 55 professionals and leads the continuous improvement of the airport’s IT infrastructure. With over 25 million passengers served annually, the airport is a vital economic engine in the region, generating over 100,000 full- time jobs each year.

Mehta’s primary goal is to enhance the airport’s technology infrastructure to improve the passenger experience. This includes modernizing IT functions, updating legacy systems and leveraging data to make informed decisions.

He is preparing the airport’s technology, data infrastructure and security to be ready for significant upcoming events, such as hosting the World Cup and Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game in 2026.

“Solving complex problems at the airport can be a challenge, since there are many stakeholders who have input and responsibilities,” Mehta said. “My approach is to bring relevant resources together, hear each person’s concerns and solutions and try to build a consensus before making a final decision.”

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Allen is a huge Star Trek fan but was quite about it for a very long time. One year, his brother gifted him the experience of a lifetime. He actually got to be on episode of Star Trek Enterprise and was cast as a Vulcan.  

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