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Suj Mehta


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Location: Wayne, PA

Founded: 1967

Industry: Manufacturing

With a diverse background spanning law, corporate counsel, real estate and mergers and acquisitions, Suj Mehta brings a wealth of knowledge and vision to his role as chief strategy and corporate development officer at TekniPlex.

Mehta joined TekniPlex in 2009 as deputy general counsel. His leadership and legal acumen were instrumental in navigating the company through multiple refinancing efforts, corporate transactions, compliance and regulatory needs and complex commercial matters, the company said.

Today, the company is a “leading global provider of technically sophisticated material science solutions to many of the world’s largest healthcare and consumer brands,” the company said. “Our solutions are aimed at delivering better patient outcomes, protecting products and strengthening brands. We operate our business through two key market-focused divisions: healthcare and consumer products.”

Mehta transitioned from the legal department to the business side and was promoted to TekniPlex’s senior vice president of corporate development mergers and acquisitions. In this role, he spearheaded the company’s mergers and acquisitions efforts, completing more than 20 acquisitions. Mehta’s work played a significant role in nearly tripling the company’s size, bringing its revenue to approximately $2 billion.

As chief strategy and corporate development officer, Mehta oversees corporate strategy; corporate communications; investor relations; environmental, social and corporate government initiatives; and operational excellence. TekniPlex is poised to achieve 6–8% organic growth and double its size to nearly $4 billion in revenue within five years.

Prior to joining TekniPlex, Mehta served in a variety of roles, starting as a young attorney in a law firm environment to an in-house corporate counsel to a principal and managing partner for a real estate hotel development firm.

Mehta has received numerous awards, including the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award. He also helped to establish the TekniGives Foundation, a charitable, nonprofit organization that provides relief, contributions and hardship grants to organizations and employees affected by the pandemic.

“The most important risk I have taken was making a dramatic shift in career direction and path to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities,” Mehta said. “The decision was difficult and could have been viewed as highly risky; however, the experiences proved rewarding and lessons learned in the process have continued to help build character. The genesis of making the change was rooted in a desire for personal and professional development and pursuing passion and interests.”

Mehta believes some of the most common traits of successful leaders are communication and finding ways to motivate people.

“I believe successful leaders share some common traits but most are skilled at being effective communicators, empowering and motivating people, successfully conveying their vision and strategy for the future, and ensuring alignment and collaboration amongst their constituencies,” Mehta said.

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Did you know?

Suj is a die-hard Eagles fan and can often be heard leading the chant at games, tailgates and even some corporate events. He is also informally deemed the company’s social chair and leads initiatives aimed at nothing but fun and creating good times.


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