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Stanley Pittman

Founder & Managing Principal

Eigen X

Location: King of Prussia, PA

Founded: 2012

Industry: Technology

Stanley Pittman is the managing principal and founder of Eigen X, a technology company specializing in CRM, data analytics, agile and application services.

Pittman places a strong emphasis on the company’s people culture, recognizing the importance of maintaining a supportive and nurturing environment for associates. With a low annual turnover rate of under 4%, Eigen X stands out in an industry where 30% turnover is the norm. Eigen X offers flexible work arrangements, competitive compensation and training programs.

“As the founder, I funded the launch as well as made the decision to hire my leadership team first to build out the organization,” Pittman said. “This sacrificed profits for the first three years while we built the foundation of our team.”

Pittman’s plan in the next five years is to double revenue and associate count while maintaining low turnover. Pittman plans to achieve this through strategic hiring and internal promotions, nurturing talent and cultivating future leaders within the organization.

“In 2022 Eigen X reached our 10-year anniversary,” Pittman said. “Celebrating a decade in business is a significant achievement and a testament to the hard work, dedication and innovation of our team. This also meant that our first three employees (all partners at Eigen X now) have reached their 10-year anniversary with the firm. We were able to celebrate this at a team meeting to present a statue to each of them.

“The prior two years brought numerous economic and other challenges to the U.S. Despite these obstacles, Eigen X managed to thrive and grow.

Also in 2022, we made significant progress in expanding your services and capabilities. As part of this expansion, we promoted three very capable managers to practice director positions. These new leaders in the firm have done fantastic and continued to grow and nurture their delivery teams.”

Eigen X has an internal mentoring program to develop tomorrow’s leaders, and Pittman, along with other partners, coaches young professionals through the Forum of Executive Women in Philadelphia. Eigen X’s commitment to giving back is demonstrated through the 1% challenge through which associates contribute their time to service work. The company also donates 1% of profits and billable hours are allocated for delivering work to nonprofit clients in need of technology deployment.

“Today’s leaders require flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing work environment and workforce,” Pittman said. “As a technology leader, we are required to remain current on issues faced by our employees and clients.”

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