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Robert Mesmer

Chief Executive Officer

RMG Erectors & Constructors

Location: Sewell, PA

Founded: 2000

Industry: Steel Erectors

Robert Mesmer is the chief executive officer of RMG Erectors and Constructors, the largest steel erecting company in the world.

Mesmer’s journey in the construction industry began as a general contractor. His determination and resourcefulness were put to the test when he couldn’t find an erector for an airplane hangar project on a military base. Mesmer assembled his own crew and completed the project, setting the stage for what would become RMG Erectors and Constructors.

Recognizing a gap in the market and the potential for growth, Mesmer founded RMG Erectors and Constructors in 2000. The company focused solely on steel work and rapidly gained a reputation for delivering results in record time. Today, RMG Erectors and Constructors erects more square footage of buildings each year than any other company in the United States, serving a range of sectors, including retail, warehousing, industrial, railroads, energy, aviation and municipal projects.

Mesmer envisions continued growth for RMG Erectors and Constructors, aiming for a 300%- 500% year-over-year increase in revenue. “The company’s goal is to control 50% of the national retail sector within the next five years and secure a significant portion of the overall pre-engineered business,” the company said.

“My most important risk was bootstrapping my entire business,” Mesmer said. “In the beginning, banks didn’t want to deal with me because of the nature of my business. When I finally had money and good financials, then they wanted my business, but I refused their help. Bootstrapping made me a better businessman, helped me look at business differently and led me in directions that were more sustainable to the company.

“I took this company with zero financial assistance to become the largest pre-engineered building erector in the world. Today, I have a relationship with a bank, but not for company growth or financial assistance. We are a zero-debt company, and that I am very proud of.”

Outside his business, Mesmer has a 20-year career as a professional race car driver, including starting his own race team.

He said the traits of a good leader are integrity, strength and compassion.

“A good leader needs to conduct himself with the utmost of integrity; he also needs to expect the same level of integrity from his employees and clients/customers,” Mesmer said. “Every leader needs to be strong through thick and thin, people will respect and follow the strong leader… (and a) true leader will be compassionate and understanding. Employees and clients alike will identify with the leader who has compassion and shows they have a heart.”

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Did you know?

Bob is a jack of many trades. He studied martial arts for 21 years and received up to a 7th degree master’s black belt. This makes him one of the top tier black belts in the world. Also, he has been a pro race car driver for 20 years. This includes many different categories of racing and he even owns his own race team. Bob is also an avid motorcyclist and car collector. You will often see him attending classic car shoes where he participates with his own cars. A gift that he was blessed with is that he can read at a very fast pace and you can always win him over with a sweet treat or ice cream.


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