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Pedro A. Ramos

President & CEO

The Philadelphia Foundation

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Founded: 1918

Industry: Philanthropy

Pedro A. Ramos is the president and chief executive officer of the Philadelphia Foundation, an organization committed to effective philanthropy and civic leadership to improve the quality of life for all in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Ramos showed his commitment to tackling the critical issue of gun violence by organizing and activating a broad coalition of business, civic, community and philanthropic leaders. The Coalition to Save Lives, led by Ramos and his partners, aims to materially and sustainably reduce gun deaths in Philadelphia within the next few years through increased collaboration and community-based intervention strategies.

“Cities that have made a real difference in reducing gun violence have a high awareness of what works and what to expect, established clear ownership of the issue and collaborated to bring expertise, authority and resources to the table,” Ramos said. “They continue successful programs and implement new ones that offer intensive, one- on-one, trust-building intervention focused on urgently supporting individuals that data point to as most at risk of being victims or perpetrators of gun violence.

“Public law enforcement and other government agencies, community-based organizations and experts are also able to collaborate effectively. Evidence shows that cities with a highly coordinated effort among government, community-based organizations, law enforcement and community groups reduce gun-related homicides and save lives.”

A significant highlight of Ramos’ leadership was his integration of a $100 million-plus affiliate into the Philadelphia Foundation, showcasing his strategic acumen and ability to streamline operations.

Ramos’ dedication to making a difference was demonstrated by his involvement as a Philadelphia school board member, where he took on the responsibility of making difficult decisions to avoid insolvency of the country’s fifth-largest school district.

“With the right levels of information and engagement, strategic clarity, and appropriate commitments to implementation, leaders and institutions in Philadelphia are more willing to work together and across sectors to solve large problems and seize opportunities,” Ramos said.

“I am regularly in communication with a large number of current and former colleagues that consider me a mentor, and I have continued to undertake even more of such relationships in the last few years as I have been seen the opportunity to be a resource and a sponsor to next-generation (and already emerged or emerging) leaders across sectors.”

This is the second time Ramos has been named to the Titan 100 list. “The year-round programming and the mix of participants makes Titan 100 distinct from similar efforts in the region,” he said.

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The year-round programming and the mix of participants makes Titan 100 distinct from similar efforts in the region.


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