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Michael Shreiber Playfly Sports

Michael Schreiber

Founder & CEO

Playfly Sports

Location: Berwyn, PA

Founded: 2020

Industry: Sports

Michael Schreiber did groundbreaking work at NBC Universal, where he orchestrated the industry’s first TV and film digital distribution deals. His expertise led to the founding of Hulu. com in 2007, revolutionizing the digital streaming landscape, and he also played a pivotal role in advertising sales for NBC Sports and Olympics properties.

After NBC Universal’s acquisition by Comcast, Schreiber was entrusted with leading the digital transformation at Comcast Cable as the senior vice president in charge of new media and digital content/platform deals. Under his leadership, Comcast Cable experienced significant growth and went public, becoming a Fortune 500 company.

In 2020, Schreiber founded Playfly Sports, a sports marketing and media company focused on collegiate, high school and pro sports. Playfly Sports offers turnkey solutions that prioritize the passion of student-athletes, the aspirations of academic institutions, the business objectives of brand partners and the goals of regional sports networks and teams, the company said. Through strategic partnerships and acquisitions, Playfly expanded its portfolio to include valuation, consulting, custom advertising, creative and digital content production and new revenue-driving innovations, the company said.

Playfly represents ad inventory for NBA, NHL and MLB teams across the United States. The company’s goal is to become the leading agency in the sports ecosystem, creating custom marketing and advertising solutions for brands.

“While not a singular event or decision, each capital raise I’ve been involved in has most certainly been the most important risk from both a personal and business-focused standpoint,” Schreiber said. “Capital raises put you in a vulnerable position where your long-term success is tied to someone else or another business. Unlike more traditional job pathways, the capital raise process creates a unique risk-and- reward scenario that requires nimble and patient leadership to manage successfully. I’ve been very lucky to have seen successful capital raises in my experience, continuing to stoke the flame of my entrepreneurial endeavors, no doubt. As far as risk-taking goes, there is nothing that feels riskier than the journey of a capital raise.”

Playfly Sports established a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council and Playfly Women+ to foster an open-minded and positive work environment. Schreiber is particularly proud of the work Playfly has done for the communities it serves, providing mentorship and support to underrepresented high school and college students interested in the sports business field.

“I think focusing on people will always be the most important attribute of successful leaders, especially today and as a leader of a company that was established in the midst of COVID-19,” Schreiber said. “Leading with integrity, diversity and empathy in mind deeply affects the people who work at every level. In my eyes, how you treat your own people, in addition to your partner’s and client’s people, is incredibly indicative of the success of any business.”

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Did you know?

Schreiber visited all 50 U.S. states by the age of 25 and all 7 continents by the age of 40.


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