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Joseph Genovesi

Chief Executive Officer

Balanced Bridge Funding

Location: Wayne, PA

Founded: 2015

Industry: Finance

Joseph Genovesi has a background in alternative finance and a reputation for identifying underserved markets. He’s relied on those skills in his role as chief executive officer at Balanced Bridge Funding, establishing the firm as a leader in providing flexible financing options to businesses and individuals.

After graduating from Villanova University, Genovesi joined a company advising institutional investors on hedge fund investments. He climbed the ranks, eventually becoming a vice president before moving on to a Swiss-based asset manager focused on North American hedge fund investments, where he gained valuable insights and expanded his knowledge in alternative investments.

In 2015, Genovesi founded Balanced Bridge Funding in Pennsylvania, a company that has grown to provide a range of financial services. From contract advances for professional athletes to post-settlement funding for plaintiffs and plaintiff attorneys, invoice factoring for truck drivers and logistics companies, and real estate commission advances for agents and brokers, Balanced Bridge Funding has become a trusted partner for those in need of capital.

“The most important risk I took was starting my business at the same time I started my family,” Genovesi said. “There were a lot of changes in my life around that time, and the risks were high. I was moving back to the Mainline area; my wife and I just had our first child. I was also buying a house and working to get my business off the ground. I was confident in my abilities and the business, but it was still a lot to deal with at the time. Once we started doing deals and my business was solidified, the pressure decreased.”

Going forward, Genovesi is particularly focused on providing private funding and banking relationships to professional athletes, expanding into Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) marketing for premier college athletes and excelling in post-settlement legal funding and real estate commission advances.

Genovesi has served on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters and been an advisory council member at Villanova University’s Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

“I believe the most important attributes of successful leaders today are sense of direction, the ability to adjust to new realities and communication,” Genovesi said. “I think any leader needs to know what the goal is before they start heading in that direction. If the goal is not clear, confusion starts and that can lead to chaos. I also believe the ability to adjust is vital and nothing exemplified that more than the COVID-19 pandemic. At a moment’s notice, business leaders had to deal with a once in a lifetime event that affected every aspect of life and their business. A lot of businesses failed because they couldn’t adjust.

“Finally, I think communication is vital for a business leader. The ability to communicate with your partners, customers and employees can be the difference between having a business or losing it.”

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Did you know?

Genovesi loves to volunteer to coach  his kids’ sports games.


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