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Jonathon Levine


Joseph Levine & Sons

Location: Trevose, PA

Founded: 1883

Industry: Funeral Directors

Jonathan Levine is a partner at Joseph Levine & Sons, a funeral service operation that still relies on its founding principles 140 years after it started. Those principles are service, tradition and dignity. “As members of the community, we are committed to preserve the high standard of professionalism and service demanded by tradition,” the company said.

With a long tradition of funeral services and care, it would be easy to become complacent, but Jonathan Levine takes each year as an opportunity for growth.

“Every year I hope that I accomplish growth from the year before,” he said. “Growth in the leader, father and person I am. If every year I can become better and grow at what I do, I will be able to leave my mark on those that follow as the best version of myself. I find it is a very difficult thing to change in any way, for good or bad. A consistent effort is needed to change, and that effort needs to be focused and engaged for the change to be positive.

“Anyone that struggles with change knows how hard change can be, to better yourself requires a change unless you are perfect; I do not believe I am. As I recognize this difficulty, my growth is my greatest accomplishment each year. This past year as a Titan was no different, and my growth in the last year has been my greatest accomplishment. To learn different ways to think and interact with others around me as I met new people and listened to different perspectives. I was able to talk about business and life with a group that was once foreign to me. I have taken the knowledge from others and applied it to my regular critical thinking; in the long run the growth gained is my greatest accomplishment.”

This is Levine’s second time on the Titan 100 list. One of his priorities as a business leader is to guide and mentor the next generation of business leaders.

“The success of future generations is very important as they will be the leaders of tomorrow,” Levine said. “I am involved with many youth educational and sports programs. It is a pastime I enjoy. Sometimes I get to do these programs with my own children in attendance. I am glad they get to see firsthand how important it is to be a mentor. Setting a good example of how a leader should behave, passing on my knowledge and experience and watching them as they soak in the information like sponges.”

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Did you know?

One of the greatest values of the Titan 100 is the ability for me to extend my platform and to broaden my network.   I have met some brilliant people through the Titan 100.   I have received some very good feedback and hope that I have given the same back to the group.  


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