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John Shegda

Chief Executive Ocer

KMM Group Ltd.

Location: Hatboro, PA

Founded: 2020

Industry: Advanced Manufacturing

John Shegda got involved in his family business in 1987, but by 2007 he was nearing burnout. “Fifteen- hour workdays were taking their toll,” he said. “I felt an urgent need to step away from my business before it destroyed me,” Shegda said.

That summer, Shegda started working with a business coach who helped him change his perspective, encouraging him “to contemplate the legacy I wanted to leave behind and to adopt a more holistic approach toward my life and work. Rather than solely viewing my business as a means to achieve financial success, I started to see it as an opportunity to positively impact those we encountered. This realization sparked a profound appreciation for the significance of company culture, setting me on one of the most transformative journeys of my life.”

Shegda set a vision for an innovative, clean, high- tech organization that tackled the most complex manufacturing challenges in the medical device and other high-tech industries.

Around 2019, Shegda had discussions with Eric Wilhelm about a potential business merger. Those discussions gained momentum, and the result was the formation of the KMM Group Ltd. This partnership brought together a wealth of experience and knowledge, setting the stage for KMM’s future success.

“Risk is an inherent part of business, but it’s also the seed of progress,” Shegda said. “The most significant risk I took was in merging my companies to form KMM Group with Eric Wilhelm. Observing the manufacturing landscape, the handwriting was on the wall. Smaller shops like mine were facing an increasingly challenging future. Both Eric and I lacked a succeeding generation to carry on our businesses. Instead of courting private equity, we decided to steer the change ourselves. We sought to create a sustainable, substantial organization that would endure beyond our active years.

“We’ve invested considerable effort into building businesses that add value to society and our teams. To let them fall into the hands of someone who might diverge from our vision was unthinkable. The merger was about building a critical mass, a robust platform that is too valuable and well-structured to be tampered with. This strategic decision was driven by our desire to create a lasting entity that continues to provide opportunities for our employees. It’s about the legacy we leave behind and ensuring our people continue to thrive.”

Today, Shegda’s vision is coming to fruition with the construction of a 100,000-square-foot modern manufacturing facility, designed for complex machines and more. KMM is committed to aggressive hiring throughout 2023 and beyond as the company expands.

“Through my personal journey and the growth of the company, I have learned the importance of considering the bigger picture and the lasting impact we can have on those around us,” Shegda said. “Our commitment to creating a thriving company culture and delivering exceptional services in high-tech industries reflects our dedication to making a positive difference in the world.”

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Did you know?

I tackled my first marathon at the age of 57. While I may never be regarded as an ‘elite’ runner, my physical health and passion for running have grown tremendously over the past year. I look forward to exploring the globe and participating in races across various countries as opportunities arise.


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