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Eric Diamond

Chief Financial Officer

Greencastle Consulting

Location: Malvern, PA

Founded: 1997

Industry: Consulting

Eric Diamond’s entrepreneurial path started early. In school, he took risks and pushed boundaries, selling candy in violation of school policies. These early experiences taught him the challenges and rewards of running a growing business, fueling his entrepreneurial spirit.

During his senior year of college in 2009, Diamond co-founded a solar design-build firm. With limited funds from a personal loan, he bootstrapped the company and successfully grew it from scratch to more than $5 million in revenue within two years. The company completed the third-largest solar installation in Pennsylvania at the time. Diamond eventually had to leave the solar industry due to military obligations.

Diamond said his entrepreneurial spirit was reinvigorated when he joined Greencastle Consulting. He started as a management consultant and quickly identified opportunities to build value for clients through new service offerings, helping scale the company’s programs and processes.

“Before coming to Greencastle, I had a safe, easy and unfulfilling job with the federal government,” Diamond said. “Greencastle at the time was a very small company, which promised more work and less safety. The upside, however, was more challenging and rewarding work, with the opportunity for professional growth and to make an impact on an incredible organization. The decision to leave safety for opportunity at Greencastle has been by far the most important professional decision of my life.”

Today, as the chief financial officer of Greencastle, Diamond remains focused on scaling the company while maintaining a strong company culture. The company, founded in 1997, is a 100% veteran-owned and operated implementation consulting firm. The company delivers metric- driven results to businesses seeking to maximize growth. With a focus on change management, process improvement and project management, Greencastle helps clients meet and exceed their goals, the firm said. In addition to its consulting services, Greencastle also supports the veteran community through its SkillBridge Program, providing job training for transitioning veterans.

Greencastle has ambitious goals for the next five years. The company aims to become a household name for transitioning veterans and Fortune 500 companies, leveraging its veteran-owned and operated status. With a target average growth rate of 25% per year, Greencastle expects to reach $75 million in annual revenue by the end of the fifth year. The company also plans to expand its workforce and establish additional regional offices.

Diamond volunteers with Bunker Labs, America250PA and the Chester County Veterans Advisory Board, demonstrating his desire to give back. He is also a co-founder and board member of the nonprofit Stronghold Leadership — an organization dedicated to teaching GSD (get stuff done).

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Did you know?

While Eric is proud to be a commercially licensed helicopter pilot from his time serving in the U.S. Army, his true passion lies in a rather unexpected activity: goat races.Eric has experience as a goat race fan, goat sponsor, and once even had the opportunity to jockey a goat, where qualified for the championship round. Perhaps this year the Greencastle GOATs will take the championship!


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