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Christopher Maus

Christopher Maus

President & Managing Partner


Location: Fort Washington, PA

Founded: 1975

Industry: Property Management

In the past year, Christopher Maus has led property management company CAMCO to surpass the $10 million revenue mark. CAMCO also executed two successful acquisitions, integrating service companies into its network of partners and expanding its market presence in Pennsylvania. These strategic moves have solidified CAMCO’s position as a trusted leader in the property management industry, the company said.

Maus is CAMCO’s president and managing partner. The company, founded in 1975, has core values that include care, positivity, ownership, customer service, problem-solving, growth and teamwork.

One of CAMCO’s significant accomplishments in the past year has been the implementation of two quality-of-life initiatives. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, Maus hired an administrator for each property manager to provide support, respond to owner inquiries promptly and ensure efficient operations. The company also introduced a work vacation buddy system that allows managers to take vacations without the worry of emergencies, promoting a healthier work environment, the company said.

“My greatest lesson learned in the last year is that we made it a priority to speak to our staff quarterly via what we call Quarterly Conversations (an Entrepreneurial Operating System term) and to use that time to get an understanding of personal goals, individual company goals, what they would like to have the company support or clarity on the company’s directions,” Maus said. “We were able to dig deeper by getting our different groups to have icebreaker questions, such as: ‘What is your favorite number?’ ‘Tell us about your parents.’ ‘Do you have siblings?’ And more. Being able to break down a corporate feel to be personal has helped our staff and company grow with a view that we are all human and not just a number in a large firm.”

In 2022, Maus established a charitable committee within CAMCO, bringing together staff members to support various causes and volunteer initiatives. Through their collective efforts, the committee raised over $125,000 for charitable organizations in the community.

“I am a lifelong entrepreneur, and I have taken many risks for the betterment of the companies I have owned over the years,” Maus said. “I always believed in my companies and worked endlessly to keep them always moving forward for not only my personal benefit but for the staff that work for me. I can remember with companies I was starting, not taking a paycheck in order to pay staff, working 16–18 hours a day, seven days a week.”

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