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Christina Belmonte Shady Grove Fertility

Christina Belmonte

Executive Director

Shady Grove Fertility

Location: Chesterbrook, PA

Founded: 2012

Industry: Fertility

Christina Belmonte joined Shady Grove Fertility in 2012, when the fertility care organization had a small market share and was looking for a niche. Since then, Belmonte has helped guide Shady Grove to explosive growth. She established partnerships with leading healthcare systems and hospitals, and she recruited a talented team.

Today, the practice consists of 10 physicians and more than 200 team members at eight locations, with revenues exceeding $50 million.

“In the early stages of my career I was focused solely on marketing, sales and leading a national team. It was wonderful, but as life progressed, I wanted to shift to healthcare operations,” Belmonte said. “I realized I had a passion in patient journey, experience and patient connection. However, in doing so, I needed to start in roles that were financially not as lucrative and focus on growth within a new specialty and few contacts. It was risky and foreign to me as I did not know anyone in healthcare and did not have direct operations experience. I pressed forward because I believed in myself and the goals of my organization.

“Staying focused on my goal of making a difference for someone in their fertility journey, creating a reputable and profitable practice from zero market share and scaling that organization was vital to my success. I have found that when we connect our passion with others while working with equally dedicated individuals is what can result in true success and achievement.”

At Shady Grove Fertility, the patient is at the center of everything they do. The practice’s mission is to provide cutting-edge fertility care while addressing patients’ physical, emotional and financial needs, the firm said. By focusing on personalized treatment plans, incorporating advanced medical technologies and making treatments more affordable and accessible, Shady Grove Fertility continues to deliver exceptional service and improve clinical outcomes, the organization said.

Belmonte envisions further growth for Shady Grove Fertility. The practice aims to expand its reach by adding additional locations, physicians and team members to serve the greater Philadelphia area.

Belmonte was awarded the Executive Leadership Award in 2022 for her vision, passion and influence. “She has prioritized and implemented leadership training programs, quality improvement initiatives and fostered a culture of organizational pride, inclusivity and teamwork,” the organization said.

“Christina is the best partner and stakeholder you could ever ask for in growing this practice,” Belmonte’s team said. “Christina cares about and supports the people on her team and helps them achieve their goals. She brings out the best in people and gives people the opportunity to shine.”

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Did you know?

Christina has infectious energy, is an activator of excited dedication, and spirit. To know her is to be amazed and her unending genuine spark. Christina is a mom of three, a breast cancer survivor, an infertility advocate, an avid cyclist and empathetic leader. To know her is to be inspired by her passion for family, work, health, and life!


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