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Adam Butt

Founder & CEO


Location: Plymouth Meeting, PA

Founded: 2015

Industry: Ecommerce Website Design & Marketing Services

Adam Butt grew up in humble surroundings in Liverpool, England, and drew inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit of his family. He witnessed the financial hardships faced by his own family and was motivated to create a secure future for his loved ones.

At 21, Butt worked as a freelancer, building informational websites for local businesses. His breakthrough came in 2015 when he was approached by a small fashion brand to rebrand and rebuild their websites. Within one year of the relaunch, Butt increased their sales from $450,000 to $1.8 million. That success led Butt to venture into the e-commerce industry, where he found fulfillment in helping brands grow and thrive by understanding and navigating the dynamic consumer landscape.

With a $500 investment, Butt launched Noticed in 2015, transforming that investment into a multimillion-dollar business. Today, Butt is founder and chief executive officer of Noticed, an award- winning digital experience agency specializing in e-commerce website design and marketing services.

Butt said his biggest professional risk was realizing the importance of vulnerability as a leader. “It involves opening oneself up, being honest about their limitations and mistakes and embracing a mindset of continuous learning and growth,” he said. “By acknowledging their vulnerability, leaders create an environment of trust and authenticity, where team members feel safe to share their ideas, concerns and challenges. This fosters stronger connections, encourages collaboration and empowers the team to reach their full potential. It’s about shifting the focus from oneself to the success and development of the team, realizing that leadership is not about being in the spotlight but rather supporting others to shine. When leaders connect the dots between vulnerability, empathy and teamwork, it’s like solving a Rubik’s Cube — the pieces come together, and the whole team can achieve remarkable things.

“Butt celebrates the diversity of his team, with 70% of the workforce being female, and recognizes their considerable contributions as instrumental to their success,” the company said. “Noticed has become a trusted partner for leading brands in the direct-to- consumer space, known for their replatforming, redesign, conversion rate optimization, and email and SMS marketing services,” the firm said.

Butt’s commitment to philanthropy stems from his childhood experiences, and he strongly believes in giving back to vulnerable communities. He participates in sponsorship opportunities and volunteers at nonprofit organizations in the Philadelphia area. Butt’s fundraising efforts have included helping a single mother escape domestic violence and relocate to a safer environment.

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Did you know?

After an almost 15 year hiatus, Adam, an accomplished boxer is training to step back into the ring. He’s excited to take on the challenge and is documenting his journey along the way via IG (www.instagram.com/underdog.87/)


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