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Travis Wynes

Chief Executive Officer & President
Mobile Transportation Service

Location: McDonough, Georgia
Founded: 2017
Industry: Transportation

Don H Bravaldo

Travis Wynes will never forget what he was doing on March 15, 2020. While many people will remember this as the day of mass shutdowns in the face of the COVID-19 threat, Wynes was also faced with the decision to sign or delay signing a contract to secure his first shop location for his business, Mobile Transportation Service. He ultimately took a leap of faith that day and signed.

That risk ultimately reaped great rewards. “I didn’t know how [the pandemic] would end,” Wynes said, “but I remember that the extra pressure it put on me made me resilient and forced me to keep faith in our mission.” Mobile Transportation Service (MTS) is a fleet service provider that operates in the transportation and logistics industry. It has built an exceptional reputation among clients in the metro Atlanta region by reducing downtime, cutting down on costly unscheduled repairs, and providing knowledgeable technicians that get the equipment rolling quickly and efficiently.

Wynes considers his greatest achievement the ability to continually grow his company and garner increasingly more of the market share in metro Atlanta. A recent move into a 15,000-square-foot facility is enabling MTS to serve its customers better. “We now have the capacity to handle major fleet maintenance needs while also creating jobs in our local community,” Wynes says, proudly. “The extra space we have acquired means MTS can handle more workload, stock more inventory, house more mobile service trucks, and employ more talented individuals which make us a better team.”

Under Wynes’ leadership, Mobile Transportation Service has tripled its operation size in the past year, adding more shop space, more employees and more mobile operations. Wynes hopes to expand his influence into the community. He participated in Leadership Henry, a year-long training program that brings together leaders from different backgrounds to address community challenges and improve the quality of life in Henry County. “As a leader it is important to stay resilient and keep a positive attitude when times are tough,” says Wynes. “This will keep everyone in focus on the task at hand while also battling through the tough times.”

While the challenges of the early days of COVID-19 disruptions are behind him, Wynes retains those lessons. He learned that being under pressure was a good way to test his commitment to his vision of MTS and strengthen his ability to be innovative.

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To be recognized as a Titan 100 has been such a great experience! It is an honor to be on the list with so many other important people in the Georgia business market. The greatest value i have found so far is the networking and the public perception of being a Titan 100 in Georgia. I appreciate the networking and being introduced to so many people not only from a sales perspective but also the resources it has given me. I have met several people who can offer our business other solutions to be better which is a huge plus! Also did I mention it is pretty cool to be considered one of the top 100 in my state!

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