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Robert Persiano

Chief Executive Officer
Seneca Resources

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 2010
Industry: Information Technology and Engineering Staffing Services

Don H Bravaldo

Robert Persiano is a leader who believes in a clear, strategic vision — the type who willingly pours over data metrics and invests hours in logistical planning to help his company reach its goals.

“All of our planning, mapping and documentation have been created and maintained by Robert,” said Persiano’s team. “He has been the thriving operational driver in Seneca’s success the past three years.”

Persiano joined Seneca Resources — a firm specializing in IT and engineering staffing services — in 2019 as chief operating officer. He was promoted to CEO in 2022 during the company’s acquisition by a private equity firm.

As CEO, Persiano has grown Seneca Resources’ annual revenue from less than $20 to nearly $60 million, with a target of reaching $100 million in the next three years.

During his tenure, Persiano has elevated the company’s government services focus from 25% of its business to more than 40% of its overall client focus. He has also helped the company expand to several new office locations throughout the South.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Robert safely steered Seneca not just toward financial stability but toward financial growth. At a time when others in IT were experiencing deep staffing layoffs and loss of clients, Persiano led his team to a period of 30% year-over-year growth.

“Robert has taught our teams how to navigate and build client relationships that endure,” Persiano’s staff said.

The company’s financial success during this timeframe drew the interest of several potential buyers in 2022. “Our popularity with potential buyers can be directly tied to Rob’s dedication to our internal team, client relationships and understanding of the staffing services space,” Persiano’s colleagues said.

“Robert is a servant leader, working hands-on with all employees, from entry-level to upper management teams, to increase efficiency and internal culture,” added Persiano’s team. “He never fails to jump in wherever he is needed.”

Before joining Seneca Resources, Persiano served in the IT and engineering staffing space for 25 years, working as a technical recruiter, sales account manager and regional vice president for firms such as PEOPLEASE and Comsys.

Persiano’s teams laud his leadership approach and commitment to enhancing the company culture at Seneca Resources.

“Robert’s deep-seeded relationships with both our internal staff as well as our client base is so impressive,” said his team.

In his spare time, Persiano enjoys crafting unique custom lamps from repurposed wine and bourbon bottles.

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In his spare time, Rob creates custom made lamps out of wine and bourbon bottles. One is even on display in his office in Atlanta.

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