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Mary Parker

Chief Executive Officer
ALL N ONE Security Services, Inc.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 2001
Industry: Security

Don H Bravaldo

Mary Parker knows a thing or two about being the “Chick in Charge.” In fact, she’s written a book titled exactly that — and she leads a podcast to empower women in business with the same catchy name.

As president and CEO of ALL N ONE Security Services, Inc., Parker leads a full-service security firm specializing in cybersecurity services, surveillance and intrusion detection, armed and unarmed security staffing and fire and electrical safety systems.

Under her leadership, ALL N ONE has provided security support for the Obama White House, the Super Bowl, NBA games, PGA tournaments and dozens of other high-profile clients.

A daughter of Mississippi sharecroppers, Parker founded ALL N ONE for less than $500 at her kitchen table in 2001. Over the course of two decades, she has shepherded the company into a multimillion-dollar firm with more than 800 employees.

“The most important attributes of successful leaders, in my opinion, begins with the ability to cultivate relationships,” she said. “Great leaders are effective relationship builders and are able to empower their teams and communities by implementing their observations of the habits of other highly effective leaders before them,” she said. “Successful leaders are not afraid to lead by example because they are aware that they too are constantly being observed by their team, thus allowing them to be a confident, passionate, authentic mentor who is action-oriented and produces results.

In addition to leading the largest African American woman-owned security service firm in the country, Parker is also the passionate force behind the Mary Parker Foundation, Inc., which she founded in 2012. The charitable organization provides entrepreneurial education, youth enrichment and lifelong learning opportunities to underserved communities throughout Atlanta.

Since its launch, the Mary Parker Foundation has provided more than 4,000 school supply backpacks for children, given nearly $600,000 in scholarships to underserved high school seniors, and supported outreach for children of incarcerated parents, among other community initiatives.

In 2019, Parker expanded her community service footprint by launching Junction 2800, a multipurpose community center that provides health, wellness and educational opportunities to residents in southwest Atlanta.

“Mary has helped countless people redirect their lives in positive and fruitful ways,” Parker’s team said.

Parker has received numerous awards and honors, including the city of Atlanta’s Phoenix Award, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council Star Award and the state of Mississippi’s Entrepreneurship Award. She has also been named one of Atlanta Business League’s 100 Women of Influence, and her philanthropic work in the community has been honored through special proclamations by the City of Atlanta, Fulton County and the City of South Fulton.

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A Fun fact about Mary is that she enjoys to play just as hard as she works. She wants to make sure that those around her have the best experience working with and for her so the energy of the office is often a lighthearted one where she will tell a funny anecdote or we will laugh about a plethora of things that happen on a daily basis.

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