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Lucienne Ide

Chief Executive Officer

Location: Greater Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 2012
Industry: Health IT

Don H Bravaldo

Lucienne Ide, M.D., Ph.D., is a healthcare innovator and founder of Rimidi. She left the practice of medicine to create technology that improves patient outcomes and provider experiences.

“Healthcare is a unique industry, and I believe we need people with firsthand experience in care delivery to create solutions that impact clinical care,” she said. “Leaving clinical practice and scientific research was a major risk after the 10- plus years I had invested in training, but all of that training has served me well in leading Rimidi.”

Rimidi is a health IT company. Its clinical management platform helps healthcare organizations optimize workflows and patient experiences. “Rimidi enables providers to receive a clear snapshot of each patient’s disease status and unique needs by merging patient-generated and clinical data and provides them with decision support tools to make individualized treatment decisions within existing workflows,” the company said.

Ide founded Rimidi with the aim to improve the health of people living with chronic diseases and the healthcare system as a whole. Prior to starting Rimidi in 2012, Ide worked as a physicist at the National Security Agency, Raytheon Systems Corporation and Monarch Capital Partners, a venture capital firm.

Ide holds a joint M.D./Ph.D. degree from Emory University, where she worked on gene therapy for hemophilia and completed her medical training at the University of Pennsylvania Medical College’s Magee Womens’ Hospital in Pittsburgh.

“Entrepreneurship is similar in many ways to scientific research,” Ide said. “One uses observations to form a hypothesis that can be tested and validated or invalidated, followed by iteration on the hypothesis. The healthcare industry is incredibly complex, as is developing solutions that improve healthcare delivery, given the convoluted relationship between buyers, users and beneficiaries of technology solutions. Rimidi is based on a hypothesis that if we make it easier for clinicians to make both data and evidence-driven decisions about chronic disease management, we can achieve a better outcome and experience for the patient as well as a lower cost of healthcare delivery. We test this hypothesis every day, we gather data, we learn and we iterate on the approach.”

Ide is a frequent speaker at health IT conferences and an author in leading healthcare publications. She serves on the steering committee for the Connected Health Initiative, which advocates for health policy reform, and is co-chair of the Health Equity and Access Leadership (HEAL) Coalition. She has spent time on Capitol Hill meeting with legislative officials to advocate for reimbursement, regulatory and legislative change to drive equitable access to digital health technology and improved patient care.

Ide also serves as a trustee of Middlebury College in Vermont. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and their four sons.

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Dr. Ide loves Spanish music, culture and dancing.

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